Security Bulletin Direct: May 2014

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Alpr ed

Automatic License Plate Recognition from Aimetis offers a comprehensive range of vehicle management options.

Aimetis VE410™ Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is available as a video engine within the Aimetis Symphony™ VMS and analytics platform.

Configured within the Symphony™ user-interface, it offers the perfect solution for detecting and indexing vehicle license plates. The Aimetis ALPR capability is designed for vehicle access control applications, where barriers are lifted (or closed) on recognition of a vehicle’s license plate from a white or black list; traffic control and enforcement applications; toll collection points; border crossings; and as a marketing tool where patterns of vehicle use are logged.

The VE410™ provides out-of-the-box Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) functionality for analogue or network cameras. License plates and their corresponding images are stored for reference and subsequent searching. A wide range of actions and alarm scenarios can be triggered on recognition of a listed license plate.

Key features of the Aimetis VE410™ ALPR system include a low error rate; successful detection in multiple lanes of traffic, either stationary or moving; recognition of license plates from different regions and countries; video search by license plate; white and black list support and easy software configuration within Aimetis Symphony™.

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Ifsec 2014 picture j

Grundig is profiling its latest CCTV product and technology developments at IFSEC 2014, stand D750.

Grundig Security will be exhibiting its latest, innovative security solutions at IFSEC 2014, stand D750. The exhibition stand will be divided into four zones.

Two zones will be market-focused, one covering retail and the other covering fuel stations. A third zone showcases Grundig’s brand new 8MP camera with outstanding image detail. The last zone covers upgrade options for existing analogue installations and features Grundig’s new 1000TVL camera range, 960H DVRs and plug-and-play NVRs.

The retail zone will profile Grundig’s IP recording and camera solutions, including the new fisheye camera. 1.3MP low light cameras, 2MP and 3MP cameras are all demonstrated in fixed dome, box, bullet, vandal dome and speed dome formats and controlled using leading, third-party VMS solutions. Analytics, people counting a facial recognition will be displayed.

Fuel stations are a specialist market for Grundig. This zone will demonstrate how using cameras with higher resolutions saves equipment and installation costs by reducing camera counts. Comprehensive coverage of each fuel pump, payment kiosks and shops is maintained. A camera optimized for license plate recognition and combatting “drive-off” theft will also be displayed. Grundig’s new HD-SDI camera series features in this zone, with outstanding image quality, WDR functionality and enhanced recording capability.

Grundig’s brand-new 8 MP camera has a zone to itself. This new camera delivers an unprecedented 4K2K resolution, producing images with outstanding detail.

Finally, the analogue upgrade zone demonstrates cost-effective ways of enhancing existing analogue security systems using the new 1.3 MP, 1000TVL analogue camera range and 960H recorders. The simple upgrade of analogue to IP technology using Grundig encoders and NVRs is covered along with IP transmission options for fibre, twisted-pair and coaxial cabling.

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Domes light grey black

Redvision launches an IP version of its hugely successful X-SERIES™ PTZ and dome camera range at IFSEC 2014, stand D430.

Redvision will launch an IP version of its X-SERIES™ cameras for network-based CCTV applications at IFSEC 2014, stand D430.

Designed and manufactured by Redvision in the UK, the IP X-SERIES™ camera produces three video streams at up to 1080p, real-time, in H.264, MPEG4 or JPEG compression formats.

The technologically advanced IP X-SERIES™ camera uses a 1 / 2.8” CMOS image sensor, with wide dynamic range (WDR). It has exceptional low-light sensitivity, at 0.35 Lux in daylight mode and 0.05 Lux at night in Infra-Red (IR) mode. Each camera has a 20x optical and 12x digital zoom, 100 pre-sets, 24 tours, 16 alarm contacts and up to 24 privacy masks. Full integration with leading NVR and Video Management Software (VMS) solutions ensures seamless, network operation in most applications.

The IP X-SERIES™ camera uses the same rugged, outdoor design as its well-established analogue counterpart, converting from a dome to a ball PTZ camera by the removal of an optional top cover. Day and night surveillance is enabled with IR or Dual Light (combined IR and white light), ultra-efficient, LED illuminators. IR and white light illumination are effective up to 150 metres and 120 metres, respectively, with both options providing reliable facial recognition at up to 40 metres.

The IP X-SERIES™ camera has a flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window for image clarity. Low power consumption reduces the total cost of ownership and a comprehensive range of colours, finishes, mounts and brackets is available.

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Symphony Screen Shot Multi16

Aimetis Symphony™ facilitates unlimited CCTV system expansion.

According to the Aimetis distributor, Security Buying Group, a server-based CCTV system running Aimetis Symphony™ video management software is competitively priced against an NVR-based system, even when camera numbers are small.

Unlike most NVR systems, Aimetis allows for unlimited expansion and increased functionality, with little or no risk of system obsolescence. Cameras can be added individually, well into the 100’s, with Aimetis offering incredible system capability. Advanced analytics of all types include; specification of server and camera failover paths; definition of camera record resolutions and frame rates in ambient and alarm modes; automatic optimization of video streams for client viewing; joining multiple sites, servers and buildings together for centralized management and operation; inclusion of RAID and other advanced storage options; and allowance for unlimited client views are just some of the advanced features on offer.

“When Aimetis Symphony™ software is deployed on a single server it is a very cost-effective, IP CCTV solution,” explained Paul Scott, technical manager at Security Buying Group, the UK’s Aimetis distributor. “Aimetis systems have a high camera density, allowing over 100 cameras per server with real-time recording and multi-client viewing. This means a VMS is by far the most effective approach for an expanding or continually changing CCTV system. Cameras can usually be added very easily, without adding extra servers. This eliminates the need for an escalating number of NVRs and their management. Whatever the expectation of the CCTV system, Aimetis has the flexibility and capability to handle it, now and well into the future.

“Aimetis allows systems and sites to be joined as “server farms”. A simple license upgrade on a video channel enables analytics capability. A wide range of different manufacturers’ IP cameras are compatible, from Axis to Vivotek. Whatever the CCTV and security strategy being implemented, Aimetis remains competitive in small and large IP systems alike.”

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Com Net CL SFP1

The CopperLine® CL-SFP can be used in any Ethernet switch SFP socket that supports 100BASE-FX.

Made in the UK. Lifetime warranty.

CL-SFP Ethernet over COAX/UTP distance extending SFP features:

Extends Ethernet distance over single pair (UTP) or coax with an adapter

Point-to-point Ethernet connectivity up to 2,000 ft (609 m) at 100Mbps

Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) module can be plugged into any Ethernet switch with SFP ports that support 100BASE-FX

Lifetime warranty

For more information, see Product Documentation

The ComNet promise:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and support you get from ComNet, simply return the product you bought within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked!

Do you need help in choosing the right Ethernet products for your network?

Contact the ComNet Design Centre now for free assistance. This service is available Monday to Friday.

Call +44 (0)113 307 6400 and ask for the Design Centre, or contact us by email at

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Luminite G2 fence

Luminite will be showcasing its Genesis PIR, Boundary Shield active IR beam and launching the G3 PIR Camera at IFSEC 2014, stand H825

Luminite will use IFSEC to launch its wireless, G3 PIR detector / camera; showcase its best-selling range of advanced Genesis PIR detectors; and Boundary Shield, wireless, active IR beams

The wireless, G3 PIR camera is an exciting innovation combining a wireless PIR detector with a video camera, in a compact, battery powered case. The G3 offers an outstanding perimeter protection solution, using the PIR technology for intruder detection and then verifying the intrusion with video images. Luminite has received significant interest in the G3 from its established customer base during its development and IFSEC will allow the company to launch the G3 into the wider video market.

Luminite has also been expanding its integration portfolio, so that the Genesis range now operates with a growing number of partner manufacturers, products and technologies. Luminite now has complete SDK integration with leading CCTV manufacturers’ control equipment, including Immix, Panasonic, Dedicated Micros, Milestone, HeiTel and more.

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Aimetis A10 D angle3

Digital Datasheet: Aimetis A10D Thin Client

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent network video management software, announced the launch of its Aimetis A10D Thin Client™.

The Thin Client™ is a secure and cost-effective PC substitute, designed to readily decode1080p Full HD video from over 30 network video camera manufacturers. The A10D is ideal for users who need more functionality than a traditional decoder, but want less complexity and fewer maintenance costs than a PC.

The Aimetis A10D boasts powerful image decoding capability; supports up to 60 FPS in 1080p; supports video streams in MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264; and provides a single HDMI output. It is designed to be used in systems with Aimetis Symphony™ video management software or Aimetis E-Series Physical Security Appliances.

Compact design and intuitive user setup make the Aimetis A10D ideal for public view monitors in retail applications and video walls in large-scale deployments. The total cost of ownership, as compared to a PC solution, is less due to simplified IT management and reduced end user training.

Key features include:

1080p video decoding from multiple camera brands simultaneously in full frame rate

Customised camera layouts

Simplified installation with Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) and optional VESA mount kit

Anti-theft support with Kensington Security Slot

USB ports for use with keyboard and mouse

Browser interface for remote management

Easy camera layout selection using iPhone and Android remote apps

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Redcop pic

The RedCop™ rapid deployment CCTV tower will be launched at IFSEC 2014, stand A250.

RedCop™ is a trailer-mounted, rapid deployment, CCTV tower manufactured in the UK by Redvision CCTV.

It provides an immediate surveillance solution for any site, however remote, and is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent CCTV applications. Its combination of PTZ and fixed cameras provides real-time site surveillance, alerting operators to intrusion. It will run for 72 hours without external power.

RedCop™ comprises an X-SERIES™ Dual-Light rugged dome camera mounted on top of a 6m telescopic tower. Four static, 2MP IP cameras provide continuous site coverage and Genesis wireless PIR detectors sense site movement. Audio functionality allows operators to communicate with site visitors and warn off intruders.

The Dual-Light PTZ provides close-up, high-quality video images of incidents, using its zoom functionality. Infra-red and white-light illumination enables clear night time operation, with full scene illumination at up to 100m and facial recognition at 40m. In white-light mode, RedCop can spotlight and track intruders, making it highly effective as a crime deterrent.

Hired weekly, Redcop is delivered to site and set up within minutes. It is compact, simple to install and extremely robust. It is maneuvered into position by one person and the telescopic tower is extended horizontally, before being raised by hydraulic ram. The battery powered PIR detectors can be tower-mounted or positioned around the site. Its trailor wheels can also be removed as an extra, anti-vandal measure.

RedCop uses 3G, wireless communications and is monitored using the industry-standard, IMMIX control software.

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