Security Bulletin Direct: December 2016

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Bournemouth and Poole CCTV 1

Redvision cameras help Secure Alarms Ltd protect the extensive Poole and Bournemouth FE college campuses.

Redvision has played an important part in the protection of Bournemouth and Poole FE College, which has recently received a £12 million investment for upgrade and modernization of its campuses. 

The project included constructing brand new buildings to house a Digital Media Centre, a Performing Arts Centre and new science laboratories, as well as upgrading and renovating existing buildings across both college sites. The campuses are used by a combined student population of over 10,000, so are extremely busy throughout the academic year. The project also included adding innovative new roof panels to generate solar electricity for the college, supporting the local authority’s commitment to improved sustainability.

Secure Alarms Ltd, established in 1979, is responsible for installing and maintaining the college’s security systems. Secure Alarms selected Redvision, the UK manufacturer of the X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ dome cameras and Redcop™ rapid deployment systems, to supply all external PTZ cameras. Rob Cutler, Director at Secure Alarms, commented, “We rate Redvision very highly. The technical support offered, as a manufacturer, is second to none. They have expertise on all their products and know what items best suit our requirements and those of the college. The cameras are extremely energy efficient, with a low cost of ownership, so meet the local authority’s green responsibilities.”

The newly-overhauled college site at Poole has 39 indoor cameras and 16 outdoor cameras, 8 of which are Redvision PTZ’s. The Bournemouth site has 29 indoor and 25 outdoor cameras, 5 of which are Redvision’s.

Read the full article, here.

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Digifort GUI 4 screen

Digifort integrates with more manufacturers than any other VMS and supports edge recording and analytics. 

Digifort has announced that its open platform VMS and analytics software now integrates with more than sixty leading CCTV manufacturers’ equipment. 

The integrated brands include HikVision, at the low-cost end of the market, through to Avigilon and Axis at the high-cost end. Each manufacturer has comprehensive fixed camera and fully functional PTZ ranges, giving more than 6,000 integrated cameras in total. A number of video servers, NVRs and DVRs are also integrated.

“Digifort has made it a priority to enable SDK integration with over 100 manufacturers’ cameras,” explains Francois Levy, Digifort Business Development Director for EMEA. “We offer generic ONVIF integration, like other leading VMS platforms, but only the SDK-level integration allows the in-depth functionality we prefer. Typical functionality includes telemetry control, auto-focus zoom, presets, patrols, privacy zones and auxiliary functions such as lights and wipers. However, unlike most other VMS suppliers, we also enable edge recording, edge analytics and edge ALPR from within Digifort’s VMS, if supported in the cameras. This maximizes the potential and performance of an integrated Digifort system.

“Multiple video stream processing, with optimized resolutions for recording and viewing devices, is standard. Many camera features can be remotely configured from the VMS using the global ‘push’ command functionality for simultaneous, multi-camera set-up. This is ideal for large-scale system management. Also, Digifort’s unique two-way audio functionality, if supported by the camera, includes a ‘listening’ feature, where noise above a designated threshold can be used to trigger an alarm, such as from an intruder. Alternatively, an alarm can be raised if an otherwise noisy site becomes quiet, such as for production line and process monitoring.”

Many manufacturers’ DVRs are also integrated with Digifort. This is to allow the simple and cost-effective encoding of analogue and TVI cameras into the IP-based, VMS platform. This integration is ideal for systems migrating to IP or where analogue cable infrastructures must be re-used.

Digiforts’ other video analytic functions include traffic management (speed filter), object tracking, loitering, virtual fence, missing object, abandoned object, face detection and recognition, vehicle counting and people counting.

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Symphony Screen Shot Multi16ed

​Use AIMETIS EXCHANGE to upgrade any live VMS system with Aimetis Symphony™ and pay no channel license fees.

The Security Buying Group is pleased to announce its exclusive ‘Aimetis Exchange’ offer. 

Installers are given the opportunity to replace an existing video management software-based, CCTV system with a current Aimetis Symphony™ solution, without paying channel license fees.

“The Exchange offer allows us to replace any current VMS CCTV system, larger than fifty channels, with an Aimetis Symphony™ solution,” explained Paul Scott, Technical Director of Security Buying Group. “Our pricing means integrators, in many cases, can reduce their annual VMS fees by switching to Aimetis. We simply ask customers to commit to annual maintenance and support.”

This offer means sites can benefit from the outstanding VMS functionality Aimetis Symphony™ offers, including taking advantage of its analytics capability. The Security Buying Group supports customers with system design, specification, training and deployment as well as helping to manage the transition to the Aimetis platform.

Paul added, “To maintain the high standard of the Aimetis products, including their installation, installers are requested to attend certification training. In return, they receive free licenses for use on further projects. The cameras, servers and storage devices being re-used need to be on our current, extensive integration list, which can be checked very quickly, before we proceed.”

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eneo launch purpose-designed, network component range.

eneo, the German CCTV manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of its new network component range. 

Designed to complement the eneo IP video product portfolio, the range comprises managed PoE switches, media converters, PoE injectors and PoE extenders. It is ideal for completing any IP CCTV deployment.

The eneo Managed PoE Switches have 8 or 16 fast Ethernet ports (EPS-1008/1016) providing 30 watts per channel, with a 130w and 250w budget, respectively. They offer web browser and GUI management of useful CCTV features, including VLAN configuration, LACP port and link aggregation and PoE usage. Both options are 19” rack mountable.

The eneo Media Converter range includes an Ethernet over coaxial cable (EVX-900B) option and an Ethernet over unshielded twisted pair or telephone cable (EVX-900R) option. Both are suitable for long cable runs of up to 1000m to the camera.

The eneo PoE Injector (ENI-900P) provides a 30w power and gigabit Ethernet data connection for IP surveillance cameras at distances of up to 100m. The PoE Extender (ENX-900P) adds power and data every 100m, with the potential to have up to four repeaters per run.

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Hik Vision

Mail on Sunday's report into HIKVision: Inside China's Big Brother HQ

Hikvision was revealed to be Britain's biggest supplier of CCTV equipment. Its cameras monitor millions of Britons. 

However, the surveillance company is controlled by the Chinese government.

Undercover MoS reporters infiltrated the nerve centre of a CCTV giant that spies on its own people to root out dissidents.

Its state-of-the-art surveillance cameras monitor the movements of millions of Britons going about their daily lives in airports, government buildings, sports stadiums, high streets and stations.

Hikvision, a company controlled by the Chinese government, was recently revealed to be Britain’s biggest supplier of CCTV equipment, raising fears its internet-linked cameras could be hacked from Beijing at the touch of a button.

Last week, undercover Mail on Sunday reporters posed as businessmen to infiltrate its headquarters in the ‘surveillance city’ of Hangzhou in eastern China, to investigate its activities.

What they found will raise fresh cause for concern about a company whose growing influence in the UK has already been questioned by former MI6 officers and Security Ministers. Far from being the independently run business it claims to be in its customer-friendly marketing, Hikvision is controlled by China’s ruling Communist Party.

Read full article here…

George Knowles in China, for the Mail on Sunday. 1st October 2016

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