Security Bulletin Direct: November 2014

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VPS 12 from Security Buying Group 2

The new Video Processing Server range from SBG matches NVRs on price.

The Video Processing Server (VPS) range, from Security Buying Group, is an industrial server solution, pre-loaded with Aimetis Video Management Software (VMS). 

The VPS range competes with NVRs on price, even in the sub 16 channel surveillance market, and has significant, additional performance benefits. Each VPS comes with a 64bit Windows operating system (OS) installed on a solid-state drive (SSD), for maximum reliability and stability. They can be built with 4TB, 9TB and 12TB storage options and utilize 24/7/365 surveillance grade HDDs, with a 3 year warranty. The VPS 4 has a 1U chassis with 4TB and an Intel processor. The VPS 9 and 12 have a 2U chassis with 9 or 12TB and an i7 processor.

“The VPS 4 is designed for systems with up to 20, Full HD channels”, explained Paul Scott, technical manager at the Security Buying Group. “The VPS 9 and 12 are designed for systems with a maximum of 40 Full HD channels, and offer up to four additional analytics channels. Resolutions are up to 1080p on all channels at 25FPS, reaching a staggering 1000FPS on the 40 channel options.

“Whereas NVRs are typically supplied in 8 and 16 channel formats, the VPS can be loaded with the exact number of channels required for each application, capitalizing on the flexibility of the Aimetis VMS. This makes the VPS range highly competitive because installers simply buy what they need. If the system grows, more licenses can be added, without reaching the 8 and 16 channel limitations of NVRs. At 40 channels, we still use only a single VPS, whereas in more traditional security applications, three NVRs would be required.”

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Redvision X SERIES Dual Light

Redvision’s X-SERIES™ rugged dome demos help clinch new business for installers.

Redvision has committed to supporting installers with evening demonstrations of its X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ and dome camera range. 

“Once installers and end-users see the quality of the images the X-SERIES™ cameras produce at night, with colour images and full facial recognition at up to 40m, they need no further convincing to buy our cameras,” stated Paul Hucker, Managing Director of UK-based CCTV manufacturer, Redvision.

The demonstrations are organised through the Redvision sales team: Glenn Waterfall covers the south and Andy Alexander covers the north.

“As winter approaches and the evenings draw in, a live demonstration of our X-SERIES™ cameras is by far the best way to see their full capability. We demonstrate the 100m illumination range of our super-efficient IR and white light LEDs and how the Dual Light model will toggle automatically, or manually, between IR and white light modes. The IR lighting is covert and unobtrusive, but still produces high-quality images, whilst the white light mode is overt and can be used to spotlight an intruder as a deterrent or warning. Our ‘dark-zone’ feature, where the white light is suppressed in pre-defined zones to prevent nuisance or hazardous operation, such as dazzling drivers, can also be easily displayed.

“We compare the reach of 18, 28 and 40x zoom options and reveal how pre-defined lighting profiles can be assigned to preset positions with adjustments for night-time, day-time or weekends. And if it rains, we can show the wiper in action!”

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AEM Image ed

Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ uses cloud technology to simplify the management of VMS systems.

Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ provides centralised management, visibility and control of distributed IP video management software (VMS) systems.

It enables security and IT professionals to manage multiple Aimetis VMS servers and Physical Security Appliance NVRs centrally, using cloud technology.

The VMS servers connect securely to the Enterprise Manager™ and are operated using an intuitive and powerful web-based dashboard. Efficient, centralised deployment of VMS software updates and system configuration is enabled, whilst system status and performance can be closely monitored.

Video: For more information about Enterprise Manager, please watch the following video:

“The key benefit of Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ is that it centralises the management of multiple VMS sites, including simplifying the deployment of software updates,” said Marc Holtenhoff, CEO of Aimetis. “System managers can configure and update multiple VMS sites simultaneously, via the cloud.”

Enterprise Manager™ can ensure business compliance is maintained across sites by keeping systems current. It also lowers the operational and management overheads of the IT team.

Key benefits include:

Unified visibility and control of multiple Aimetis VMS sites using a single, web-based dashboard

Application of pre-configured settings to cameras and sites from the cloud

Remote management of VMS software updates

Centralised server backups

Automated monitoring of alerts

Flexible, subscription-based licensing

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A high-quality, streamlined IP camera range from Grundig simplifies stocking for installers.

Grundig has rationalised its new IP camera range, offering 2MP and 3MP options for each of its indoor fixed dome, outdoor vandal dome and outdoor bullet cameras. 

The high specification range, designed by Grundig Engineering, comprises just seven models in total to make stocking and system design as simple as possible for installers.

The 2MP variants have a 3 to 10.5mm vari-focal lens. A Sony Exmor™ CMOS sensor delivers enhanced low light sensitivity, whilst Quad Scan WDR produces excellent image quality in high-contrast, heavily back lit scenes.

The 3MP models have Tamron, 3 to 9mm, auto-focus zoom (AFZ) lenses with P-Iris (‘precise iris’), a feature which increases image contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field.

The indoor domes have an ultra-compact body with a 2 axis lens gimble. The outdoor vandal domes have an IK10, vandal-resistance rating and an IP66 weather resistance-rating for challenging, outdoor environments. They are larger than the indoor domes and come with a 3 axis lens gimble. The outdoor bullet, also IP66 rated, is a completely new design and includes a heater option in the 2MP variant for low temperature applications.

True day / night functionality and IR LED illumination are standard across the range, including indoor models. SD/SDHC card slots, PoE and ONVIF Profile S integration are included, making Grundig cameras compatible with most leading VMS solutions.

Webserver access for smartphone (iOS and Android) and tablets can be set up, allowing users to remotely view, monitor and control Grundig IP cameras from anywhere in the world.

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Comnet analogue IP

Supporting analogue and IP CCTV over fibre is easy with ComNet.

Technology evolution is forcing system changes from historical signalling types to Ethernet-based transmission.

ComNet’s hybrid transmission helps you upgrade with no added fibre infrastructure costs and fewer technical headaches.

With ComNet’s hybrid equipment you can:

Mix analogue and IP technologies on a single fibre

Maximise the potential of your installed fibre

Cost-effectively add IP technology in the field

Reduce costs and spend

The ComNet promise:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and support you get from ComNet, simply return the product you bought within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked!

Do you need help in choosing the right Ethernet products for your network?

Contact the ComNet Design Centre now for free assistance. This service is available Monday to Friday.

Call +44 (0)113 307 6409 and ask for the Design Centre, or contact us by email at

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