Security Bulletin Direct: March 2017

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Redvision announces SDK integration with IDIS NVRs and VMS solutions.

Redvision has announced that its RV30™ rugged PTZ dome cameras will now fully integrate with IDIS DirectIP™ NVRs and IDIS Center™ VMS.

Unveiled at Intersec 2017, the integration allows RV30™ plug-and-play camera set up using the IDIS DirectIP™ NVRs. Much of the Redvision IP camera’s advanced functionality is enabled, including variable speed PTZ operation, for responsive operator control; minimal joy-stick latency; wiper, IR and white light illumination by manual switch or schedule; and programming of multiple pre-sets and tours. The IDIS DirectIP™ NVRs record the camera’s Full HD, primary video stream, whilst using its lower resolution sub-streams for efficient control, display and transmission.

IDIS is a specialist, South Korean manufacturer of video surveillance equipment. Billy Hopkins, Technical Manager of IDIS Europe, explains, “We initially integrated with Redvision’s RV30™ cameras using the universal ONVIF protocol. This worked immediately, with no additional development work required. However, Redvision’s firmware and SDK development tool allowed us to take full advantage of more advanced functionality.

“IDIS is pleased to add the Redvision RV30™ to its portfolio. The market-leading, X-SERIES™ rugged dome is ideally suited to the tough, hot, outdoor conditions typical of our Asian and Middle East market. It’s flat glass, camera window and wiper allow us to remove dirt, dust and water.”

Dermot Grace, managing director of Redvision, added: “Redvision manufactures the RV30™ X-SERIES™ rugged camera range in the UK. We have 1080p and 720p resolution models, with IR and white light illumination options. The 1080p model will view events at distances of 120 metres, with operators identifying people at 40m. The 720p model, although lower resolution, has a 150m range, with operators identifying people at an incredible 60 metres. DirectIP™ NVRS offer customers a cost-effective recording and control platform for the X-SERIES™ cameras.”

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Eneo launches a tough, new, zoom-synchronized, extra rugged PTZ

Eneo’s new, extra rugged PTZ camera (model number IPP-82A0030MHA) is built for the toughest and most demanding CCTV applications.

It has a robust, IP66 moisture ingress-rated, aluminum body with an operating temperature range of -30°C to 65°C. Its 30x optical, 6.0~160.0mm auto-focus zoom (AFZ) lens is zoom synchronized with its built-in IR illumination to give an impressive night-time range of 500m, with no scene saturation.

The rugged PTZ has a 1 /1.9” 2MP (1920 x 1080p) progressive scan Sony EXMOR CMOS, day-night sensor producing triple video streams (2x H.264 and 1x MJPEG) at up to 60FPS. It is multi-cast compliant, with real time WDR at 120dB and 2D and 3D digital noise reduction (DNR).

It offers Ultra PoE, or 12vDC power options, with a PoE mid-span included for installations with longer cable runs. Power consumption, with IR illumination switched on, is only 28W giving low operating costs. A micro SDHC card slot is also included for up to 32GB of on-board recording.

The rugged PTZ has four alarm in and one alarm relay output, with alarm management actions including FTP, E-Mail, HTTP, boost and on-board recording. It is ONVIF compliant, with ONVIF mapping, so events are defined and encoded as ONVIF alarms to ensure maximum integration with VMS or NVR systems. Analytics functionality includes motion, tamper, video-loss, line, field and face detection, with a ‘Defog’ setting, 16 privacy zones and two-way audio. Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) ensures there are no detrimental effects to video quality caused by movement and vibration, such as from wind.

Despite its comprehensive functionality, the extra rugged PTZ is competitively priced and available now through eneo’s UK distributors.

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Digifort ALPR

Digifort vehicle Automatic License Plate Reading (LPR) enables up to 20 ALPR cameras per CPU core.

The Digifort vehicle License Plate Reading (LPR) system is a multi-channel license module operating within its open-platform VMS. 

It offers reliable identification and categorisation of white or black-listed license plates and is widely used in vehicle access control; traffic enforcement; toll collection positions; border crossings; and general site management applications.

The Digifort LPR license applies to a server CPU core, not a camera channel. If the LPR is triggered by motion, two channels are enabled by a single core license. If an external, physical trigger is used to capture a single video image, reducing server processing overhead, up to 20 LPR channels can be enabled, also by a single core license.

“The Digifort LPR system is typically used to control vehicle access to a site through automated barriers or gates,” explains Francois Levy, Digifort Business Development Director for EMEA. “Its user-configured, management database enables categories such as staff, stolen cars, site visitors, delivery vehicles, unrecognised plates and even “followed vehicles” to be triggers. Corresponding alarm actions can be scheduled for different outcomes by time of day or week.

“The LPR system recognises a plate’s characters and registers the plate on a management database, or in an external folder, with date, time and camera information tags. The database can be synchronised with external databases, such as from the police or DVLA, with associated vehicle owner information, if available. Plate data can also be shared between numerous, multi-channel, Digifort systems, across many sites.

“Digifort can read plates accurately on fast-moving vehicles and allow incoming and outgoing plate cameras to be set, to establish vehicle duration times, as used in car park ticketing. Surrounding cameras can also correlate with the primary, plate-capture cameras to provide additional video data, such as the front, side or cab of a vehicle.”

A suspect plate event can trigger a visual and audible warning; increase recorded video resolution and frame rate; and notify users by email, text or SMS. A “mask” facility allows users to apply alarm rules to groups of plates and specify plate retention times. Automatic server failover is an option for mission-critical applications and plate recognition accuracy is measured to help users optimize camera set-up.

An unlimited number of secure client PCs, tablets and smartphones can access and view the Digifort LPR system.

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Redvision Meyertech integration

Redvision announces integration with Meyertech’s FUSION Eclipse VMS.

Redvision’s RV30™ rugged PTZ dome cameras now fully integrate with Meyertech’s Fusion Eclipse video management software. 

Operators can take full advantage of advanced RV30™ camera functionality, including variable speed PTZ operation, with minimal joy-stick latency, which uses either mouse or Meyertech’s ZoneVu keyboards. Additionally, the RV30™ wiper, IR and white light illumination switching or scheduling are enabled, with multiple pre-sets, tours and absolute dome positioning. Full HD video stream recording, with lower resolution sub-streams is also available for efficient, remote control, display and transmission.

Joshua Hughes, Marketing Manager at Meyertech, stated. “Meyertech’s FUSION Eclipse is a scalable VMS with flexible, multi-media display, storage, operator and channel expansion options, evolving as site requirements develop. Alongside its capability, FUSION Eclipse has the simplest and easiest VMS user interface available today. Meyertech customers, who operate in public space, retail, transport, MoD, custodial, education, stadia and industrial markets, can now include RV30™ rugged cameras in their systems.”

Dermot Grace, managing director of UK manufacturer, Redvision, added, “Redvision produces 1080p and 720p resolution models of the RV30™ X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ camera range. The 1080p model will view events at distances of 120 metres, with operators identifying people at 40m. The 720p model, although lower resolution, has a 150m range, with operators identifying people at an incredible 60 metres. FUSION Eclipse gives customers a recording and control platform for the X-SERIES™. Meyertech understands our customer’s applications and is as strong and well-established as we are in the local authority and public space markets.”

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MTE GmbH uses eneo Security’s IP solutions at CleanCar AG.

CleanCar AG, head-quartered in Düsseldorf, provides one-stop car care services throughout Germany and Austria. 

All its 32 branches offer car wash and ‘CarCosmetic’ valet servicing. Most include car servicing, tyre fitting and engine cleaning, which can be booked online. The larger outlets have petrol and diesel filling stations with retail outlets.

The safety of CleanCar’s 400 employees and 3.6 million customers each year was paramount to the company. CleanCar appointed specialist security installer, MTE GmbH, from Viersen, not only to design and install a state-of-the-art IP surveillance system to protect staff and customers, but also one which would address wider security and site management requirements.

CleanCar branches are very busy, with most services and customer transactions taking place without incident. However, the company does experience a variety of crimes, ranging from fuel and retail theft, through to property damage, fly tipping and false ‘slip and trip’ injury claims.

MTE GmbH designed and installed two pilot IP CCTV systems for CleanCar, one in the Glienicker Weg branch and the other in the Treptow-Köpenick branch, both in Berlin. These sites proved so effective, they became the template for all CleanCar’s sites going forward. There is an installation roll out planned across the remaining 30 branches during 2017, to bring them all up to this new high standard.

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