Security Bulletin Direct: June 2015

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Optera 180 Grouping2

Pelco launches VideoXpert™ VMS, Optera™ panoramic cameras and Spectra Enhanced PTZ dome systems at IFSEC 2015, stand D800.

Pelco will use IFSEC 2015, stand D800, to launch VideoXpert™, the company’s new video management software (VMS) platform. VideoXpert™ manages single and multi-site video security systems from a single workspace interface. 

The ‘Unified User Interface’ within VideoXpert™ allows up to six monitors to operate as a single workstation, fully configurable to suit the operator. However, despite VideoXpert’s extensive capability and although the system has been designed to support limitless cameras and hundreds of operators, Pelco has ensured its operation is simple and intuitive, to minimize user training requirements.

Plug-in architecture enables efficient system expansion by integrating further third-party security and video analytics solutions. Deployment is on distributed IT architecture, with built-in redundancy and modular, scalable, failover management to maximise system reliability.

IFSEC will also see the launch of Pelco’s ground-breaking Optera™ multi-sensor, panoramic cameras, which provide seamless video images over 180°, 270° or 360°, by using four, 3MP cameras. “The Optera™ series cameras should not be confused with Fisheye cameras,” explained Mark Pritchard, EMEA Marketing Director for Pelco. “The Optera™ enables the viewing and recording of extremely high-quality panoramic views. Electronic pan, tilt and zoom functionality allows operators to zoom in on areas of interest and see levels of detail more comparable to a PTZ dome. Client-side de-warping ensures Pelco’s VideoXpert™ and other third-party VMS solutions see the Optera™ series as a single camera for licensing and video management purposes. SureVision™ 2.0, 130dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), ensures high-contrast and demanding lighting conditions present little problem.”

Also a new arrival at IFSEC 2015 is the Spectra Enhanced Full HD, high speed PTZ dome, with 20X or 30X optical zoom options. Already the industry’s market leader for performance, Spectra Enhanced now comes with a 60 images per second frame rate; electronic image stabilisation to eliminate vibration noise; and SureVision 2.0 with 130dB WDR to ensure high quality video images in all lighting environments. Smooth and fast PTZ control, built-in analytics, single cable HPOE installation, ONVIF G edge recording and HD optimized dome bubble technology are featured on all models.

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Redvision X-SERIES™ cameras will be present on the Maxxess at IFSEC 2015, stand E700.

Redvision, the UK manufacturer of the X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ dome cameras and Redcop™ rapid deployment systems, will have staff present and products displayed on the Maxxess stand E700 at IFSEC 2015.

The Redvision X-SERIES™ RVX-IP30 rugged dome cameras are shown operating with eFusion™, a new security management solution by Maxxess. eFusion™ combines video, access control, fire and intruder security functions in a single, unified platform, at a far lower cost than competing conventional PSIM solutions.

“The X-SERIES™ cameras and Maxxess access control products have shared equal success in local government and public space security applications,” explained Paul Hucker, MD of Redvision. “This makes the partnership between our companies an obvious step. We had first to integrate with Wavestore’s video surveillance and recording platform, which is in turn controlled by eFusion. Wavestore provides the video recording and control part of the system, linking site incidents and alarms to corresponding video data. Salto access control; Honeywell intruder detection; and Notifier fire alarm systems make up the other manufacturers in the eFusion solution.”

The Maxxess exhibition stand at IFSEC demonstrates how access control, intruder and fire alarms can all be used to trigger Redvision PTZ dome cameras to turn to preset positions or tours and initiate a real-time operator response. Pre and post event recording options ensure video evidence of site incidents, such as a forced door or fire alarm, is captured from numerous angles, with a corresponding audit trail of the alarm handling process. eFusion is a comprehensive, flexible and scalable security and building management solution for IP-based integrators.

Redvision also provides a first tier, technical support and trouble-shooting service for its RVX-IP range and has an extensive integration list with many other leading manufacturers’ control products and VMS platforms.

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Symphony Screen Shot Multi16

The ‘Aimetis Exchange’ offer from Security Buying Group! Swap any existing VMS system for Aimetis Symphony™ and pay no license fees.

The Security Buying Group is pleased to announce its exclusive ‘Aimetis Exchange’ offer. It gives installers the opportunity to replace any existing VMS-based, CCTV system with a current Aimetis Symphony™ VMS solution, without paying the camera license fee

The Aimetis EXCHANGE offer allows applications to benefit from the outstanding VMS functionality Aimetis Symphony™ offers, which includes taking advantage of its built-in analytics capability. Security Buying Group supports customers with system design, specification, training, deployment and managing the transition to the Aimetis platform.

“The Aimetis Exchange offer applies to any VMS-based, CCTV system with over fifty IP cameras installed using up-to-date software licenses,” explained Paul Scott, Technical Director of Security Buying Group. “The cameras, servers and storage devices must also be on our integration list, which is extensive, so rarely presents an issue.

“Customers are expected to commit to annual maintenance and support, but our pricing for this is very competitive and will probably reduce annual VMS fees for integrators in many cases. To maintain the high standard of the Aimetis products, we also expect the integrator to attend certification training. However, they receive free licenses in return for the training investment.”

Security Buying Group has a comprehensive portfolio of Aimetis applications in many market sectors, which can be seen on its website:

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GRX K4416 A perspective

Grundig launch EX-SDI digital recorder with EX-SDI, HD-SDI, 960H and 760H recording capability.

Grundig’s versatile EX-SDI hybrid DVR works with EX-SDI, HD-SDI, 960H and 760H camera technologies.

Grundig has launched its new 16 channel EX-SDI (Extended Serial Digital Interface) hybrid DVR, the GRX-K4416A. The DVR records EX-SDI on all channels, but has the flexibility to record HD-SDI, 960H analogue and 760H analogue video streams simultaneously. CCTV systems using the DVR can include a combination of all coaxial-based video technologies, so existing and previously installed cameras can be re-used. The DVR will automatically configure each channel to suit individual camera video stream technologies.

EX-SDI technology, like HD-SDI, enables the transmission of HD digital video, in real time, over coaxial cable. Whereas HD-SDI has a 100m transmission limitation using RG59 coaxial cable, EX-SDI will transmit 330m. This extends to 670m if the higher quality RG11 cable is used. Image quality is better than IP in live and similar to that of IP record mode. The DVR uses the simple, point-to-point installation method of analogue.

The new Grundig DVR provides comprehensive functionality for CCTV applications of all sizes and complexities. Its can be controlled using Grundig Control Center software, allowing cost-effective, EX-SDI, HD-SDI or analogue camera systems.

Grundig’s Control Center software allows remote access to the DVRs for set up and configuration. It uses an Internet Explorer web browser for live viewing, playback, search, backup and remote configuration. Grundig’s GD Viewer app also allows convenient viewing by iPhone or Android smartphones.

EX-SDI enables installers to offer customers a cost-effective, digital upgrade to analogue systems, saving money by re-using the same coaxial cable infrastructure.

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ComNet introduces innovative new CopperLine® for mission-critical data transmission at IFSEC 2015, stand E1225.

ComNet Europe Ltd, the US manufacturer of fibre optic wireless, copper transmission and networking equipment, is pleased to announce the launch its new CopperLine® Ethernet over COAX/UTP, distance-extending, product line.

ComNet now offers two distinct CopperLine® products with power over Ethernet capabilities. First is the CLFEEOC range, an upgrade to existing CopperLine® products. It offers extended distance transmission and its pass-through PoE meets IEEE802.3af Standard requirements. Second is the new CLFEPOE CopperLine® series, which injects IEEE 802.3at PoE+ to powered devices, as well as supporting pass-through POE+.

These ranges are designed to re-use coaxial cable or twisted pair (UTP) infrastructures and offer a cost-effective alternative to re-cabling a site.

Steve Clarke, ComNet Europe Managing Director, commented, “Our Gen 1 CopperLine® was very successful. The upgrade to this range addresses the need for increased power and compatibility for PoE devices. Our new CopperLine® PoE series supplies 30 Watts of PoE+ power, ideal for network devices that require higher power or pass-through power operation.

“The new CopperLine® range has single, four, eight and sixteen channel models for use on coaxial or twisted pair cable infrastructures.”

ComNet offers an extensive range of fibre optic, video and data transmission equipment, as well as an extensive range of fibre optic, wireless and copper Ethernet Network equipment, that is uniquely toughened to meet the mission-critical needs of the Security and Intelligent Transportation System market.

Do you need help in choosing the right Ethernet products for your network?

Contact the ComNet Design Centre now for free assistance. This service is available Monday to Friday.

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