Security Bulletin Direct: August 2017

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Digifort Brief Cam

Video Synopsis now integrated with SBG's Digifort VMS platform.

Video Synopsis forensic search and review functionality is now fully integrated within Digifort’s VMS platform.

Digifort Video Synopsis offers operators exceptional forensic search and review functionality, from within its VMS platform.

Digifort Synopsis demo video…

Video Synopsis is a powerful video search tool, which integrates with Digifort’s intelligent data processing to make surveillance systems far more effective. It enables operators to locate specific incidents quickly using a range of simply applied, search criteria such as object size, colour, direction, dwell and speed.

Video data from Digifort is uploaded from each camera channel. Video Synopsis’ intelligent algorithms use metadata to extrapolate objects and activity from within each camera video stream.

Each incident is tagged, allowing operators to isolate individual, relevant incidents for viewing, from a single click. For example, a search of all yellow cars travelling on a highway between 13:00 hrs and 15:00 hrs would show all occurrences overlaid onto just a few minutes of video. The operator can quickly identify the specific car of interest and by clicking it, instantly view the full video of its movement.

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VOLANT group

Redvision's new fast, quiet and accurate VOLANT™ rugged PTZ camera.

Redvision launched the VOLANT™ rugged PTZ camera at IFSEC 2017, the fastest, quietest and most accurate PTZ camera in the industry.

Redvision’s VOLANT™ incorporates many of the design features of its successful X-SERIES™. It has a durable, die-cast aluminium body for rugged, outdoor operation; a flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window with wiper to remove dirt and water; and a camera design allowing viewing vertically downwards when mounted on a pole or column. It is IP68 weather-proof rated; IK10 shock and vandal resistance rated; and passes IEC vibration, shock and salt spray compliance requirements.

The VOLANT™ uses Infinity™ direct drive, brushless DC motors for fast, accurate and silent operation and highly flexible, continuous rotation in both its pan and tilt axis. It will silently pan at 420°/second to a pre-set, or move extremely slowly to track a target or person at 300m. The Infinity™ motors deliver minimal latency and military-level, positional accuracy, repeatable to 0.01°. If the VOLANT™ is knocked or moved out of position, its positional intelligence will recover it to its correct position.

The VOLANT™ includes integrated, Dual-Adaptive™ IR and white light LED illuminators, set in a ring surrounding the camera window. These provide optimal lighting in any field of view and are effective up to 150m in complete darkness.

IP and analogue models of the VOLANT™ cameras are available, including ONVIF compliant, Full HD, IP with 30x optical zoom and SD analogue with 20x or 30x optical zoom.

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Eneo’s launches 3MP bullet and dome cameras with WiFi.

Eneo’s 3MP bullet and dome cameras include a WiFi interface for remote configuration and test monitor functionality.

Eneo’s 3MP, Candid bullet camera and 3MP, Callisto fixed, vandal dome camera have an integrated WiFi port for quick and easy, remote camera setup and test monitor functionality.

A WiFi adaptor kit, comprising a USB cable and WiFi dongle, is connected to the camera’s WiFi port. It enables smartphone or PC access to the camera’s web browser interface, for both remote set up and live viewing of the camera’s video stream. Eneo’s web browser interface adapts responsively to PC and mobile device viewing and is compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Push focus adjustment of the camera’s motorized 2.8 - 12 mm lens, access to the camera configuration menu for remote setup and live viewing of the camera’s video stream are all enabled.

The 3MP, Candid bullet camera, IPB-73M2812MWA, and 3MP, Callisto fixed, vandal dome camera, IPD-73M2812MWA, both have Full HD, 3.23MP (2048 x 1536p) progressive scan, 1/2,8” 3,23 MP RGB Bayer Array CMOS sensors with triple video streams (2x H.264 and 1x MJPEG). Smart IR functionality ensures the illuminance of each camera’s integrated IR LEDs adjusts automatically to ambient lighting conditions for optimal video quality. Both models are ONVIF compliant, with ONVIF mapping; whereby site events are defined and encoded as ONVIF alarms to ensure maximum integration with VMS or NVR systems.

Further functionality includes digital wide dynamic range (D-WDR); true day / night capability with ICR cut-filter; eight privacy zones; backlight compensation (BLC); PoE; and analytics, including motion, tampering and defog.

Eneo’s WiFi adaptor kit helps simplify installation and camera setup when access to the camera, network or control system is limited and is nominated finalist in the GIT Security Awards 2018.

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Canon to sue Avigilon for patent infringement.

Canon, which own Axis and Milestone, claims that Avigilon video surveillance systems are infringing the patents listed below, including cameras, Control Center software and its web interface.

6,580,451 - Communication apparatus, image processing apparatus, communication method, and image processing method

6,911,999 - Camera control system

7,034,864 - Image display apparatus, image display system, and image display method

7,321,453 - Image input system

9,191,630 - Dynamic layouts

Canon claims the infringement of all six patents is willful. Canon is ordering Avigilon to pay damages as compensation for the infringements, together with interest, costs, lost profits, a reasonable royalty and legal fees. Canon is issuing a permanent injunction enjoining defendants and their affiliates (employees, agents, officers, directors, attorneys, successors, and assigns) and all those acting on behalf of or in concert with any of them.

We await a court decision, but the implication is that Avigilon is trading, at least in part, off intellectual property owned by Canon. The outcome for Avigilon, its products and its supply channels are not yet known. However, at the very least, it will be distracting and costly for Avigilon to defend itself.

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Digifort VMS and Analytics takes H.265 HEVC compression in to the 4K era.

4K, ultra-HD (8MP) resolution has not yet been widely adopted in the security industry because of its huge bandwidth and data storage overhead. For images to remain high quality, the bitrate of the video stream is often capped.

H.265 HEVC is different. It provides a higher and more efficient compression rate than H.264, whilst retaining ultra-HD image quality.

Digifort VMS, from Security Buying Group, has acknowledged the benefits of H.265 HEVC and has already developed drivers for the following leading brands:

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