Security Bulletin Direct: August 2016

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Eneo’s KVM extenders allow multi-user access to NVRs and DVRs via Ethernet.

Eneo’s new KVM extenders allow users to have remote access to eneo NVRs and DVRs, as well as other compatible HDMI devices, across an Ethernet network.

The KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) transmitter, IAM-5EE1001MTA, connects to the NVR or DVR and the KVM receiver, IAM-5EE1001MRA, positioned remotely, provides keyboard, monitor and mouse connections. The monitor connection is through an HDMI 1.3b port. One USB 1.1 port and three USB 2.0 ports are provided for the mouse and keyboard.

“The eneo KVM extenders use an Ethernet network, so unlike traditional KVM solutions, they do not rely on point-to-point cabling,” explained Martin Morris, eneo Business Development Manager UK & Ireland. “This not only reduces installation overheads, as new or dedicated cabling is not required, but also allows installation flexibility. One or many users are able to view and control one or many recorders and, depending on the capability of the network and switches used, this can be up to 16 transmitters and 64 receivers at once. Ethernet transmission distances are up to 150m over CAT5e or 180m over CAT6.”

The extenders support Full HD and 1920x1200p video resolutions. They are set up via a purpose-designed, user interface using the monitor with a keyboard, mouse or IR remote controller or by an Android or iOS smartphone app. The extenders support HDMI and analogue, bi-directional audio, allowing operators to issue audible instructions to a site. RS232, Full Duplex data communications is also enabled.

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GRN M1232 N M1116 N e

Grundig’s Connect Line, 4 and 16 channel, embedded NVRs.

Grundig Security’s new Connect Line, 4 and 16 channel embedded NVRs, offer installers exceptional features, resolution and recording speeds, at a ground breaking price point.

The NVRs support Full HD cameras of up to 6MP, with an aggregate recording speed of 40 or 160 Mbps. The 4 channel unit has a single SATA HDD slot for storage and has a built-in, 4 channel, PoE switch for direct connection to IP cameras and simple installation. The 16 channel NVR has two HDD slots with the capability of up to 8 PoE channels.

Further storage and back up options are available with network-attached storage (NAS) and USB HDD or memory devices. Record settings include continuous, event alarm, motion, video loss, and scheduled. Users can search by time, date, event, alarm and motion; including within back-ups.

The NVRs can be controlled locally by a USB mouse. Network access is enabled for up to 128 remote clients using SCMS smartphone Apps, SCMS PC applications or web pages. The NVRs support Grundig PSIA and ONVIF Profile S & G video integration protocols and have Windows and Linux operating systems integration by SDK.

The NVRs support HDMI and VGA monitor connections and monitors can be configured for multi-views, sequences and events. A digital spot function combines multiple camera views and sequences into a single, 1080p viewing stream.

Event and alarm management, which includes 4x alarm inputs and 1x relay alarm output, can be triggered by motion, alarm, video loss and system error. User notifications are by pop-up, relay, e-mail and buzzer, as well as by activating PTZ presets. An IP audio input is available per video channel with one BNC audio output.

For more information on Grundig CCTV products contact or visit

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Redvision’s radar controlled rugged dome uses Ogier Electronics technology.

Redvision has joined forces with Ogier Electronics to produce a radar controlled, X-SERIES™ rugged dome.

Ogier Electronics makes the Scan-360 plug and play radar unit, which is used to control Redvision’s IP-based and analogue rugged domes. The combination can operate as a standalone, automatic PTZ camera system or may be integrated with leading VMS solutions, via a built-in RS485 data port.

Paul Hucker, MD of Redvision, explains, “Intruders, such as people and vehicles, are detected automatically at distances of up to 200 metres, in all weather conditions, day or night. The intruder’s X and Y coordinates are mapped to our X-SERIES™ rugged dome’s pan, tilt and zoom functionality, enabling automatic, real-time tracking. Alternatively, the X-SERIES™ is pointed in the direction of the intruder, so the automatic PTZ tracking functionality of the VMS can take over.

“For our RedCop™ rapid deployment CCTV system, radar control gives us a standalone, operator-free, automatic, video tracking solution. It also only uses 10w of power, so it doesn’t place an undue burden on the Redcop’s batteries or generator.”

The Scan-360 system will learn its environment and can be programmed with up to 36 detection areas, allowing zones of ‘no interest’ to be ignored. It alerts the VMS to every intruder, tracking the first or largest one. It is low cost; compact at just 310 x 250mm; easy to install; simple to configure; and is calibrated against an object positioned at 150m away with a simple button click.

Ogier Electronics has over 20 years’ high frequency Microwave, radar design experience.

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Aimetis adds three new E4000 PSA units to its range.

The Aimetis E4000 Physical Security Appliance™ (PSA) combines purpose-built hardware with Aimetis Symphony™ video management and analytics software.

The PSA is a high performance intelligent video surveillance platform for installations up to 32 cameras.

Aimetis PSA is more than just a standalone solution, it opens the door to an unprecedented ecosystem that revolutionizes how you manage security. Seamless integration of PSA with Aimetis Outdoor Object Tracker™, Thin Client™ and Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ brings centralized management of your entire security system to your fingertips.

The robust fanless design and flexible installation options makes the E4000 Series an ideal solution for space constrained environments such as small footprint retailers, gas stations and harsh environments.

E4000 Series

Powered by Aimetis Symphony intelligent video management software

Small fanless form factor with hot swappable 3.5” hard drive

Wide range of supported camera manufacturers

Integrated I/O

Support for PC and embedded video analytics

Onboard DHCP and SMTP servers make configuration of isolated camera networks easy

Flexible installation options such as wall mount, DIN rail, desktop options

Centralized appliance management via Aimetis Enterprise Manager™

Software Viewing Options

Windows Client


iPhone / iPad


Aimetis Thin Client™

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