Case study. Grundig & SKB Bank. August 2015.

Grundig protects SKB Bank in Slovenia and enhance its business services.|SKB Bank is at the forefront of Slovenia’s rapidly expanding banking sector. SKB is a subsidiary of the Société Générale, one of the largest banking groups in Europe. |The bank has national coverage with 13 city centre locations across Slovenia, and currently employs 870 staff. It provides a range of competitive services to both domestic and commercial customers.

SKB Bank required a video surveillance system that provided a high degree of protection to customers and staff, both inside and outside its premises. Internally, cashier desks, public floor areas and doorways were to be protected. Externally, ATMs were to be covered, along with some perimeter walls and all of the bank’s entrances. The new system’s image quality had to enable the positive identification of people and allow security staff to verify items at the cashier points, such as bank notes and critical documentation.

System’s Integrator, VTZ d.o.o., was chosen by the bank to design and install the new video surveillance system. VTZ, has been installing technical security systems in Slovenia since 1990 and has a reputation for high quality, reliable systems. The company has an impressive portfolio of over 15,000 active security systems, including many high-security applications of this type.

Mr Mojmir Pirnovar, security manager for SKB, explained, “We chose VTZ as our systems integrator because of their professionalism, expertise in banking security and the quality of the equipment they use. This is a mission-critical application, so reliability is essential to meet our needs.”

VTZ installed 135 indoor and outdoor Grundig cameras. Mr Aleksander Jeras, general manager for VTZ, added, “We selected cameras from the Grundig range for a number of reasons. They have been used by the SKB’s parent company, Société Générale, where they have successfully proven their image quality and reliability. The image quality met our customer’s data specifications, namely recognising bank notes and documents. The cameras are also well-supported in Slovenia by Grundig’s customer services team.”

Grundig GCA-B2326T bullet cameras were used in 23 outdoor locations. These cameras benefit from Sony 1/3” CCD sensors, 960H high resolution and wide dynamic range (WDR) for high contrast lighting scenes, such as at the ATMs. They also included IR illumination for night-time operation. Grundig GCA-B4326D fixed domes were used in 112 indoor locations. Again these benefit from a Sony 1/3” sensor, 960H resolution and IR illumination for night-time operation.

Each of the bank’s 13 sites has a GDV-C4416A, 16 channel, standalone DVR for local control and recording, complete with an off-site back up facility. All sites are centrally monitored using Grundig’s CMS software. This allows live viewing and control of each site by the bank’s security staff, around the clock.

The video surveillance system forms part of the bank’s policy to use new and innovative technologies to enhance its business management and commercial services, as well as protect staff and customers. It also helps to streamline day to day management of staff and enhance customer service.

The new video surveillance system offers the bank a number of significant features, both at local and national levels. It enables operators to identify people in front of the cashier desks and provides both day and night surveillance using IR LED technology. The system has also coordinated all the bank’s CCTV onto a single platform, providing a comprehensive view of the entire bank’s security needs.

SKB Bank in Slovenia is impressed with the quality of the installation and camera images. The remote DVR access functionality is also proving to be an efficient and effective business development tool.

The bank is leading the way in Slovenia by using its video surveillance system for both security and business management. This is highly congruent with the company’s policy to lead and influence the banking sector in the country.

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