ThyssenKrupp Aerospace uses Grundig CCTV cameras for health and safety.

18 March 2014

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace UK Ltd uses Grundig CCTV cameras in five of its UK Aerospace sites. Installed by Thompson AVC, the video cameras help ThyssenKrupp manage its health and safety service and improve manufacturing and process control efficiency.

ThyssenKrupp is a global company operating in just under 80 countries. It manufactures innovative products in a cost-effective and resource-efficient manner. The sheet metal processing site at Preston, an 80,000 square metre facility, is part of ThyssenKrupp Aerospace UK Ltd. It uses Grundig CCTV cameras to enhance health and safety management and manufacturing efficiency.

Dianne Patterson, ThyssenKrupp’s Health and Safety manager, recognised the potential of an indoor CCTV system at the site and appointed Thompson AVC to help select, specify and install it. Dianne explained, “ThyssenKrupp needed to ensure all health and safety procedures were practical, effective and efficient. Any incidents must be investigated fairly and methodically using irrefutable video evidence. We also wanted to use the cameras to assess the efficiency of our manufacturing processes; in-line with the global ThyssenKrupp cost-efficiency objective.”

Thompson AVC, a large, multi-sited, UK security installer, with a proven track record in industrial applications, worked with ThyssenKrupp throughout the CCTV systems’ implementation. Dianne stated, “ThyssenKrupp needed a high quality system that was reliable and delivered outstanding image quality. We wanted to use the video data to inform our processes, so image clarity was essential. Grundig has an outstanding reputation for reliability and quality and its products are logical and straight-forward to operate.”

The system comprised eight indoor analogue PTZ domes and four indoor fixed dome cameras, which were all connected to a Grundig digital video recorder (DVR). Each PTZ camera was installed with preset positions to cover specific parts of the warehouse and manufacturing facility. Remote access was enabled by PC and phone, allowing Dianne to view any camera live or in playback, from any of the five completed sites.

The system has been an instant success giving ThyssenKrupp immediate video data on manufacturing processes and safety. The Preston site manufactures aerospace products using sheet metal and is a lean manufacturing site. The CCTV system has already helped to improve process engineering using the visual time and motion data now available for staff activity and materials movement. The system offers an overview of the factory, allowing managers and engineers to identify inefficiencies and enable them to improve plant layout and material flow. In some cases, the distance materials travel through the warehouse and shop floor for production has been significantly reduced and staff deployment improved.

Dianne added, “The health and safety of the site has already been enhanced. Hazards have been identified and removed, reducing risk and improving protection. Health and safety compliance by staff can be verified and training offered where errors are apparent. Many internal processes have been developed, improved and clarified using the system.”

The surveillance system also allows incidents to be verified. If necessary, recorded evidence can be provided in disputes. This has allowed ThyssenKrupp to ensure all outcomes of incidents are handled fairly, based on factual evidence. Company or individual responsibility can be clearly ascertained for each incident and appropriate action taken.

The CCTV system is not just limited to the shop floor. Cameras have also been installed in the office areas for health and safety purposes. These provide video evidence of staff location, enhancing the site’s access control and ensuring staff can be accounted for in emergencies. Where there are any staffing issues, such as time keeping, video data can be searched to provide definitive evidence. Any disputes can also be settled using the video data.

Each ThyssenKrupp Aerospace site has a similar system installed. Dianne Patterson can manage the health and safety of each site remotely, using the PC and phone access functionality, reducing her travelling time. Any adjustments and enhancements to health and safety made at one site can also be applied more easily at another, ensuring best practice is implemented across the entire organisation.

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace in Preston is a well-organized, world-class, aerospace manufacturer. The Grundig CCTV system, designed and installed by Thompson AVC, has taken site health and safety and manufacturing process efficiency to exceptional, new levels.

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