Press releases

Press releases are the back bone of any PR and marketing plan. They can introduce a new product, service or technology; profile new appointments, investments or acquisitions; and cover projects won or other industry successes. Our press releases are succinct and convey a clear message every time.

We develop a circulation list for each of our customers, targeting key trade press and media.

Press release portfolio

Case studies

A case study demonstrates how a product or service is used in practice and highlights the benefits to the end user. We produce accurate and interesting case studies through research, liaison and sound technical understanding. They can be widely used as part of a company’s marketing strategy. We often match our case study plans to magazine feature lists to ensure maximum coverage.

Expert columns

We write expert columns, technical articles and opinion pieces on behalf of our customers. This helps to position individuals in a company as experts in a specific field and raise the profile of the company. We are unique in the level of our technical understanding with a staff team made up of engineers.


The articles we write cover products, services, companies and markets. They aim to educate and inform, usually highlighting unique selling points.

Our articles explain complex products, services or concepts in an accessible form, concentrating on the benefits they bring to the user. We have a sound technical understanding of our client’s products and services and have the ability to adjust the language used in each article to suit the intended target market.

Articles may include company profiles, informational and educational pieces, expert columns and opinion pieces.


Digital media

Regular contact with customers helps to inform them of products and services that may be of interest to them. It also gives them a feel for how you operate as a company and provides openings for one to one contact. It is an environmentally friendly method of communication and a cheap alternative to fliers, mini brochures and leaflets.

1) Social media

We write text for any form of social media including Facebook, Twitter posts, Instagram and blogs.

2) Digital data sheet

We produce digital data sheets that can be instantly downloaded from a company’s website. This service is well-used by companies working with installers and saves on printing costs.

3) e-Newsletters

A branded e-newsletter sent to your customer data base is a cost-effective way of keeping in touch. Our branded e-newsletter service includes:

  • Designing an e-newsletter template for your business
  • Writing all the text
  • Providing and editing the images
  • Circulating it to your customer’s email addresses

E-newsletter content is entirely up to our customers. We recommend sending a mailing of substance, not just an adapted advertisement. The following items are usually well-read by customers:

  • Special offers
  • New product or service information
  • Company information such as new starters
  • Brief application stories

Digital online marketing has never been simpler. Simply tell us what you want to say and we do all the rest!

Press management

We offer a range of integrated marketing support services, to help our customers improve and maintain excellent public relations.

1) Press launches

A press launch is a great way to draw attention to a product or service. We arrange the whole launch from booking interesting venues and inviting key press and potential customers to providing any necessary promotional materials or information. The press launch will a day to remember and one that will be talked about for years to come!

2) Press management and liaison

Due to a vast wealth of experience, Optimum-PDM is able to produce and manage a complete press service for clients. We create an agreed press plan and then write, design and produce all the necessary articles, advertisements and case studies to fulfil the plan. We also liaise with the press on behalf of our customers to ensure maximal coverage at minimal cost. As an agency, we have developed excellent relations with many publications. This often reduces the costs to our customers.

This service is widely used by our clients, saving them valuable time, money and energy.

3) Media management

We offer a free media management service to our annual customers. Our comprehensive media management service includes:

  • Sourcing appropriate publications for clients
  • Negotiating article and advertising rates
  • Creating a media plan

We offer a media management package to ensure your entire PR is published appropriately and effectively. This service is popular, so we are able to offer very competitive rates.