Security Bulletin Direct: October 2014

Symphony Screen Shot

Aimetis offers intelligent video surveillance solutions to rapidly expanding global markets.

Intelligent, integrated video management software (VMS) and video analytics (VA) are meeting the requirements of security, surveillance and business intelligence applications throughout the world.

These hugely powerful systems, which are simple to operate and use, offer outstanding functionality and performance.

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent video technology, has played a significant role in helping customers switch to intelligent IP video systems. Its open platform software, Aimetis Symphony™, is proving increasingly popular. It allows existing security systems to be converted into pro-active, intelligent solutions, in a cost-efficient manner. It offers endless functionality for any application, from schools and airports to shops and government buildings.

Aimetis has recently expanded its team of industry experts, across three different continents, to support increased global demand and growth.

Sergio Dias da Silva Jr. has been appointed as the New Regional Sales Manager for Brazil. Located in São Paulo, Sergio will be responsible for business and channel development in this rapidly expanding region.

North Africa and the Middle East are taking full advantage of intelligent video surveillance solutions. In this region, Aimetis has appointed a specialist team, with extensive surveillance experience. Mr. Imad Hamadieh is Regional Sales Manager for Saudi Arabia and North Africa and Mr. Andrew Lamb for the Middle East. They will work closely with Mr. Maher Sbenati, the Technical Sales Engineer for both regions.

Lastly, to support continued expansion in North America, Aimetis has appointed Rein Raud as Major Accounts Representative, located in Minneapolis. Rein brings over 20 years of experience in the physical security market to his new post.

Intelligent video surveillance software is used throughout the world to protect people and maximise the potential of businesses. Aimetis is at the forefront of this rapidly growing market, from design and development to sales and support.

For more information, please visit: Follow Aimetis on Twitter @AimetisCorp. and on LinkedIn at

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IP camera range Copy

Grundig Security’s new IP camera range features Quad Scan WDR and low light capability.

Grundig Security’s impressive new IP camera range, showcased at Security ESSEN, is designed by Grundig Engineering.

The new range includes compact, indoor and outdoor vandal-resistant domes, integrated bullet cameras and a 6MP Fisheye camera.

The indoor domes, outdoor vandal-resistant domes and integrated cameras have 2 and 3MP options. Specialist features of the range include Quad Scan WDR, enabled by the Sony Exmor™ CMOS sensor, which enhances low light sensitivity and Dual Noise Reduction (DNR) to significantly reduce image noise. Sensitivity is improved further with an option to run the cameras at 60FPS.

The higher-spec camera models have Xarina™ digital signal processing (DSP), which enables analytics features, such facial detection.

All the new IP cameras include IR LED illumination for night vision. The 2MP cameras have 3 to 10.5mm vari-focal lens. The 3MP models have a Tamron 3 to 9mm auto-focus zoom (AFZ) lens with P-Iris (an automatic ‘precise iris’ function), which increases image contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. The outdoor vandal domes are IK10, vandal-resistant rated and, along with the bullet cameras, are IP66 weather resistant-rated for challenging, outdoor environments.

The new Fisheye 360 panoramic view camera is designed for retail and overview environments and offers a cost-effective solution to many applications. It includes on-board “de-warping” software producing up to two corrected video stream views.

SD/SDHC card slots, PoE and ONVIF Profile S integration are standard across the new IP range, making Grundig cameras compatible with most leading VMS solutions. Webserver access for smartphone (iOS and Android) and tablets can be set up, allowing users to remotely view, monitor and control Grundig IP cameras from anywhere in the world.

For more information on Grundig CCTV products contact +49 (0) 2191 374 9883 or visit

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Redvision X series

Redvision releases the Full HD, IP version of its X-SERIES™ rugged dome.

Redvision’s new RVX-IP30™ rugged PTZ and dome camera range adds IP technology to its hugely successful X-SERIES™ range.

The Full HD camera, designed and manufactured in the UK, produces up to three, simultaneous, real-time video streams. Resolution options include a primary stream of 1080p, for recording and 720p, D1, VGA and QVGA stream options, which are optimized for lower band recording, display and transmission. Video compression formats include H.264, MPEG4 or JPEG at up to 12Mbps.

The RVX-IP30™ uses the same rugged design as the well-established, analogue X-SERIES™. It converts from a dome to a ball PTZ camera by the removal of an optional top cover; it is immediately compatible with Redvision’s full range of mounts and brackets; it comes in black or white as standard with RAL colours and marine finishes also available.

The standard RVX-IP30™ model has a 30x optical zoom, with 12x digital zoom. IR illumination, Dual Light (combined IR and white light) and a wiper can be added. The IR and white light illumination is effective up to 120 metres and 100 metres respectively, allowing operators to reliably recognise people at up to 40 metres.

The technologically advanced RVX-IP30™ cameras use a 1 / 2.8” CMOS image sensor, with wide dynamic range (WDR). It has exceptional low-light sensitivity, operating at 0.35 Lux in daylight mode and 0.05 Lux at night in Infra-Red (IR) mode. Each camera has 100 pre-sets, 24 tours, 16 alarm contacts and up to 24 privacy masks. Full integration with leading NVR and Video Management Software (VMS) solutions ensures seamless, network operation in most applications.

The RVX-IP30™ camera has a flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window for image clarity. Low power consumption and a high mean time before failure (MTBF) reduce the camera’s total cost of ownership and maintenance overhead.

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300 NWKSP3

ComNet introduces the 'Off the Grid' power solution for NetWave™ wireless Ethernet.

Solar powered wireless transmission solutions for remote surveillance locations.

ComNet’s NetWave uses solar-power to provides both a wireless Ethernet connection and power for remote surveillance devices.

ComNet offers four pre-configured NetWave kits and customised options, to suit most remote surveillance applications.

NetWave solar kits include:

Solar panel

Secure outdoor enclosure

Power controller with integrated power injection module

Storage batteries


ComNet makes using a solar-powered, wireless transmission solution simple. Contact our experts in the ComNet Design Centre for advice on your specific network products and applications. ComNet can configure a custom solution for your individual requirements.

See the Full Product Documentation.

The ComNet promise:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and support you get from ComNet, simply return the product you bought within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked!

Do you need help in choosing the right Ethernet products for your network?

Contact the ComNet Design Centre now for free assistance. This service is available Monday to Friday.

Call +44 (0)113 307 6409 and ask for the Design Centre, or contact us by email at

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Justin schorn aimetis 10

ASK THE EXPERT. Justin Schorn explains how intelligent video surveillance improves the retail customer experience, increasing sales.

Successful retailers rank ‘customer experience’ as the most important measure of real performance. A good customer experience leads to increased sales; a bad one can be disastrous.

Justin Schorn, VP of Product Management and co-founder of Aimetis, outlines the critical role intelligent video surveillance can play in helping retailers understand, measure and improve the customer experience in their stores.

Aimetis Footfall
Aimetis Footfall

Can customer experience be measured?

Customer experience is made up of both emotional and practical factors. Emotional factors might include customer satisfaction, complaints and customer loyalty. Practical factors might include how easily customers find what they want, the assistance they may have needed and how quickly it was provided.

It is apparent that using intelligent video surveillance in retail applications offers great insight. Additionally, it provides a method by which to measure many of the practical and emotional aspects of the customer experience.

Aimetis Symphony™drive overall business performance.

Aimetis Symphony™ comprises Video Management Software (VMS) and Video Analytics. A VMS allows CCTV video data to be stored, filtered, indexed, viewed, searched and retrieved. Video analytics enhances this with artificial intelligence or “computer vision”, mapping video images to relevant descriptions and including pattern recognition, statistical learning, projective geometry and image processing for categorizing data for subsequent search and retrieval.

Aimetis Symphony™ is a reliable, commercial video surveillance solution operating on standard IT server and PC architecture. It changes a passive surveillance system into a proactive, information gathering, analysis and reporting tool. Retail benefits include reduced labour and layout costs, improved surveillance accuracy, increased system scalability, improved business management and increased operational compliance.

Aimetis Dwell Time
Aimetis Dwell Time

Business intelligence for improved customer experience.

Intelligent surveillance provides retailers with concrete data for monitoring and evaluating store performance and improving the customer experience. Analytics software provides people counting data; footfall and customer aisle routes; dwell time at shelves, checkouts and queues; POS conversion rates; behaviour patterns and more. Analytics increases customer interactions by up to 3 times, helping retailers sell more.

The analytics data can also be correlated with other retail data including sales, merchandising, marketing, security, loss prevention, logistics and staffing. This can help to inform retail practice, procedures and areas for improvement. The data provided is visual, measurable and contributes to improving the customer experience by helping the retailer to deliver:

Appropriate staff deployment during identified peak periods.

Enhanced queue and check-out management to reduce waiting times.

Identification of customers requiring assistance, using dwell time data, messaging and deploying staff accordingly.

Evaluation of store promotions, such as signage, product positioning and displays.

Improved sales performance through increased customer interactions.

Improved customer service performance through improved response times.

Cross-selling and increased sales opportunities through footfall and shopping pathway analysis.

Enhanced store layout and aisle design using footfall and bottle neck data.

Video management in retail applications.

Aimetis Symphony™ provides retailers with business intelligence by combining video analytics with video management and recording. The entire retail process can be monitored from distribution centres and loading areas, to store entry points and POS. Suspicious or dangerous behaviour can be identified, critical scenes reviewed and remedial action taken in real time.

Loss prevention – the security aspect.

Aimetis Symphony™ can recognise when an item is removed from a shelf, providing alerts to retail staff. Removal of high-value items, small objects such as cosmetics and thin items including books and CDs from shelves can all create alerts. Unusual behaviour, such as numerous items being removed from the same shelf, groups of people gathering is aisles, movement in alarm zones, loitering and left items can all be identified, recorded and indexed. Alarm schedules can be created for day, night, weekend and holidays.

Staff theft, which mostly occurs at the POS terminals, is estimated to be more than five times greater than shoplifter theft. Aimetis will correlate surveillance footage with POS data to give even greater protection, identifying internal theft and poor staff performance. Employee sweet-hearting, including altering sale tags, charging less, allowing multiple items through a till at once, deliberately discounting items and unusual product returns can all be detected automatically.

Aimetis People Counting
Aimetis People Counting


Advanced search facilities enable quick investigation of events, providing irrefutable evidence of what has happened. Intelligent systems simplify the search and retrieve process by linking video footage to categorized alert types and filtering out unwanted footage. Search time is reduced, saving labour costs, and incidents are more likely to be investigated as a result. This makes an intelligent video system much more effective as a loss prevention tool.

Retailers benefit from enhanced security, business intelligence and process control. Shrinkage is reduced, sales are increased and the customer experience is improved. Aimetis retail solutions play a prominent role in the retail community’s achievement of broader companywide goals that ensure positive customer experience, increase revenues and drive overall business performance.

For more information, please visit: Follow Aimetis on Twitter @AimetisCorp. and on LinkedIn at

For more information on Aimetis products and services in the UK, please contact the Security Buying Group on 0161 480 5922 or visit

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