Security Bulletin Direct: May 2017

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Paul Hucker

Redvision’s fast, accurate and silent new VOLANT™ series, rugged PTZ.

Redvision’s revolutionary new VOLANT™ series camera is claimed to be the fastest, quietest and most accurate PTZ in the CCTV industry.

In this article, Paul Hucker, Director of the UK-based CCTV manufacturer, explains some of the technological developments Redvision has made in the VOLANT to support this impressive claim.

Rugged history.

The Redvision brand is synonymous with tough, hazardous or corrosive, outdoor surveillance applications. The company’s X-SERIES rugged PTZ dome cameras lead the market in Local Authority, industrial and public space CCTV applications. It has unique heritage in CCTV manufacturing, and one which Redvision drew upon whilst developing the VOLANT.

The VOLANT has a durable, die-cast aluminium body, like the X-SERIES, which is tough and offers cooling benefits in hot climates. The camera is off-set, but balanced with the PTZ mechanism, to allow viewing vertically downwards when mounted on a pole or column. Many rugged PTZs use a cantilever mechanism to achieve vertical viewing, but Redvision realised this throws the camera off-balance, slowing movement and increasing wear and tear.

The VOLANT is IP68 weather-proof rated. It surpasses all of Redvision’s own in-house, shock and impact testing criteria, designed to replicate conditions in the most demanding surveillance applications. The VOLANT far exceeds the demands of the commonly quoted IK10 shock and impact-resistance rating as well as IEC vibration, and salt spray compliance requirements.

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Eneo launches a ground-breaking, outdoor Turret PTZ with 4x optical zoom.

Eneo’s new outdoor, 4x Turret PTZ, falls into the company’s Economy Class range, despite an impressive feature set and the high build-quality customers expect of the German brand.

The Turret PTZ, model number IEP-63M2812MOA, has a 4x optical zoom lens (2.8-12 mm). Its 3MP (2048x1536p), 1/2.8” Sony STARVIS CMOS-sensor delivers superb, low light performance and produces two H.264 and one MJPEG video streams.

The Turret PTZ has an aluminum casing with an IP66 moisture ingress-rating. Its operating temperature range is -20°C to 50°C and it has 30 built-in, IR LED illuminators, giving it a night-time range of 25m. Critically, it has a pan motion of 357°, rather than continuous rotation, so is ideal for remote PTZ adjustment and repositioning, but not real-time tracking of intruders or site incidents by operators. This makes the camera extremely competitive.

Other useful features include digital WDR; 2D and 3D digital noise reduction (DNR); multi-cast compliance; two way audio; and ONVIF Profile S compliance. Power options include Ultra PoE or 12vDC. It also has a micro SDHC and SDXC card slot for on-board recording.

The Turret PTZ has one alarm in and one alarm output, with alarm management actions including FTP, E-Mail, HTTP, boost and on-board recording. Analytics functionality includes motion, tamper, trip-wire detection, trip-wire counting and direction detection.

The competitively priced 4x Turret PTZ is available now through eneo’s UK distributors.

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​Meet Digifort's head of Software Development at IFSEC, 20-22 June #D325.

Digifort will showcase Video Synopsis and advanced Facial Recognition at IFSEC 2017

Eric Fleming Bonilha, head of software development at Digifort, will be on the stand at IFSEC to answer any questions on the latest release of VMS and Analytics software. He is at IFSEC for the launch of Digifort’s Video Synopsis software and the latest developments in Facial Recognition.


The Digifort stand will have Video Synopsis (available in Version 4.1)


Digifort Facial Recognition now includes Deep Learning abilities with gender filter (male/female) and other attributes (beard, glasses..).

Digifort’s latest biometric algorithms allow robust and efficient detection of multiple faces under challenging conditions. It is built on top of the advanced Computer Vision Technologies, Deep Learning and AI. It delivers amongst the highest recognition rates in the industry.

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Redvision and Digifort ed

Set analytics profiles on each RV30™ dome preset, with Digifort VMS.

Redvision’s RV30™, X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ dome cameras now fully integrate with leading, open platform, video management software provider, Digifort, available exclusively through the Security Buying Group.

Operators can take full advantage of variable speed PTZ operation, with flexible control options. The rugged dome’s wiper, IR and white light illumination can be switched on automatically, manually or scheduled using the Digifort client and all dome pre-sets and tours are remotely configurable.

Comprehensive analytics profiles can be set up for each rugged dome preset. The Digifort VMS reads the x, y and z coordinates of the PTZ preset, allowing users to assign individual analytics profiles to each one. The analytics set up in scheduled presets and preset tours can then be tailored to day-time, night-time, weekend, holiday and alarm operation.

Dermot Grace, managing director of UK manufacturer, Redvision, stated, “Digifort is a scalable VMS with analytics built-in. It gives customers a robust, server-based recording and control platform for the X-SERIES™, with the ability to enhance system effectiveness and operation using advanced, easily set up, analytics. It has flexible display, storage, operator and channel expansion options and, with our cameras, is ideal for public space, retail, transport, MoD, custodial, education, stadia and industrial markets.”

Redvision RV30™ X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ cameras provide Full HD video stream recording, with lower resolution sub-streams for efficient, remote control, display and transmission. The RV30™ range has 1080p and 720p resolution options, viewing events from 120 and 150 metres, respectively, and successfully identifying people at 40m or 60 metres.

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Eneo and BEE Ltd help protect and manage off-shore, Windfarm Service Level 1 support boats.

eneo customer, Boat Electrics & Electronics Ltd. (BEE Ltd.), provides support services to one of the UK’s leading off-shore, energy servicing companies, North Sea Logistics (NSL).

Off-shore, windfarm-generated, energy production has seen massive growth around UK waters in recent years. Engineers require access to the turbines all year round; initially during the build of the windfarm turbines themselves, which are fixed to the sea bed, and then for their on-going maintenance. The turbine access process has been well thought through and is most commonly achieved using specialist, aluminum, Windfarm Service Level 1, catamaran boats. These boats are designed with a flat bow which presses against the turbine tower wall for docking. The boats stay in position, using only the propulsion of its engines, whilst engineers disembark. The engineers then climb a ladder on the turbine tower wall to a platform, sitting at around 8m above sea level, and from here, they can enter the turbine through a door. Most modern turbines have a lift inside which is used to take the engineers to the generator and other active parts of the turbine to work.

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