The Security Buying Group thermal camera detects people at 800m.

15 October 2013

The high resolution TPV-SW-20 / 35, night-vision, thermal camera from TBT is now available through the Security Buying Group. The camera’s thermal imaging resolution of 720 x 576 pixels out-performs most other thermal camera’s currently available in the security industry, successfully detecting people at night from over 800m away.

The thermal camera is designed for medium to long-range perimeter surveillance applications and offers extensive detection and recognition distances. Using its 35mm lens option, with a field of view 15.6°, it will detect people and vehicles at up to 803m and 2539m respectively, identifying them at 97m or 285m. The 20mm lens options give a shorter, but wider field of view at 27°. This lens option will detect people and vehicles at up to 459m and 1348m respectively, identifying them at 97m or 285m. Thermal technology will also successfully detecting people and vehicles in rain, mist and fog.

The camera’s rugged, weatherproof case withstands the most challenging environments. It has an optional, 1000 hour saltwater-resistant coating, for extreme weather conditions, so it can be used in coastal locations such as ports, harbours, sea fronts and marinas. The 3G, vibration resistant option ensures reliable operation in transportation and mobile applications.

The night-vision camera’s thermal imaging video stream is produced using TBT’s unique, micro bolometer thermal sensor. It has 720 x 576 pixels Clear Video Resolution, a Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) of less than 40mk and a Pixel Pitch of 25µm. TBT’s medium resolution, combined video and thermal imaging, night-vision camera with 320 x 240 pixels thermal resolution, has already been successfully launched by the Security Buying Group.

The mechanism is robust, reliable and designed for ease of installation and set-up. It has a hinged, external OSD key control panel with keypad; a concealed cable mounting bracket, with built-in junction box, which allows 3-axis adjustability; and the camera operates between -35°C and 55°C.

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