The RedCop™ rapid deployment CCTV tower, from Redvision, is in full production.

15 December 2014

Production of the RedCop™ trailer-mounted, rapid deployment, CCTV tower is growing to meet demand. RedCop™ is an all-in-one CCTV system, manufactured in the UK by Redvision CCTV. It provides an immediate surveillance solution for temporary or semi-permanent CCTV applications, however remote.

“RedCop™ is rented on a weekly or monthly basis,” explained Paul Hucker, Managing Director of Redvision. “We deliver it to site and set it up within minutes, including a remote monitoring option. It comprises an X-SERIES™ Dual-Light rugged dome camera mounted on top of a 6m telescopic tower. Four static, 2MP IP cameras provide continuous site surveillance and PIR detectors sense site movement, alerting operators. A two-way audio functionality allows operators to communicate with site visitors or warn off intruders.

RedCop™ is designed it to be maneuvered into position by one person and the telescopic tower is extended horizontally, before being raised by a hydraulic ram. Although mains powered, RedCop™ will run for 72 hours without external power. The battery powered PIR detectors can be tower-mounted or positioned around the site. Its trailer wheels can also be removed as an extra, anti-vandal measure.

Paul added, “The Dual-Light’s infra-red and white-light illumination enables clear, night time operation, with full scene illumination at up to 100m and facial recognition at 40m. In white-light mode, RedCop can spotlight and track intruders, making it highly effective as a crime deterrent.”

RedCop uses 3G, wireless communications and is monitored using the industry-standard, IMMIX control software.