The BlackSysHD in-car video camera protects motorists from scams.

18 September 2013

The new BlackSysHD in-vehicle camera records everything a motorist sees and hears whilst driving. It provides irrefutable evidential protection against the “crash for cash” scams that are sweeping the country. It is estimated that more than 30,000 accidents were staged last year, costing insurance companies around £350 million. Motorists’ premiums have risen by an average of £44 as a result. However, some insurance companies are now offering reduced premiums to drivers using in-car cameras. Video footage can also be used to defend against lane-hogging and tail-gating accusations.

The compact and rugged BlackSysHD camera attaches to the inside of a vehicle’s windscreen and is powered from the cigarette jack like a Sat-Nav. The camera automatically records the driver’s view, location and speed. Its 130° wide angle lens captures incidents that would otherwise appear in the driver’s peripheral vision. All audio data from inside the vehicle is also recorded

The BlackSysHD uses 2 Megapixel, Full HD, 1080p resolution, clearly recording high-quality video evidence of incidents, including car number plates. WDR functionality ensures high-contrast scenes in demanding lighting conditions, such as bright sunshine and almost total darkness, present little problem. A rear view camera option at 720p, with 120° wide angle lens, is also available for added protection.

The BlackSysHD has a Tri Axis G-Shock sensor, where a jolt or impact triggers Full HD recording. The car position, speed and impact force are recorded to help combat false claims. Recording is onto a standard micro SD card for playback on any windows PC, complete with map, location and speed data. All events are tagged and archived for quick retrieval.

Further features include emergency button recording and a 5 seconds recording after power off. Each BlackSysHD comes with a 12 month warranty and is available exclusively through COP Security.

For more information about BlackSysHD, please call COP Security on 01457 874 999 or visit