Security Buying Group offers supported HP servers for Aimetis VMS.

15 March 2014

Security Buying Group now supplies HP servers for running Aimetis Symphony™ video management and analytics software. Security Buying Group establishes the IP CCTV system’s functional requirements and specifies a custom server to suit. Two server types fulfill all Aimetis™ application requirements; Enterprise and Standalone.

“The HP servers running Aimetis VMS will easily run an IP system with over 100 cameras, at Full HD, 1080p at 25 FPS,” explained Paul Scott, technical manager of the Security Buying Group. “This is a far higher resolution and capability than the embedded NVR solutions currently available.

“The Enterprise server is ideal for “server farm” and video analytics applications; it also features dual redundant power supplies to minimize potential downtime and to provide compliance with system failover requirements. The Standalone server suits single server VMS solutions and is more like a traditional NVR solution, however, it can still be integrated into a server farm should the system expand.”

The servers are available in rack mount format as standard, although the standalone option can be in tower format. The servers are pre-built and come with an HP ‘3 Year Next Business Day Warranty’ for parts and labour. All options are optimized for 24/7/365 operation, with a far higher reliability level than most security NVRs.

“We usually supply rack-mounted, Network Attached Storage (NAS) for recording, with RAID format options,” added Paul. “However, onboard storage is available in the standalone server to keep costs in line with similar sized NVR systems. We can happily record at 1080p, 25FPS on all cameras simultaneously, but we usually specify recording resolutions of 720p at 6 FPS and use motion or analytics to trigger an increase to 1080p at 25 FPS when required. This ensures high quality recording of critical incidents, yet efficient ambient recording.”

Most NVRs offer only 100Mb/s bandwidth budget across all channels, capping the bit rate of each camera stream to avoid exceeding this threshold. By comparison, the VMS servers bandwidth is into the Gb/s, with automatic load balancing. This means all system cameras can run at full resolution and high frame rates.

Aimetis uses standard Microsoft Windows and Server OS software and comes with a comprehensive range of server and storage failover options. No other third party software is required to set up Aimetis, so there are no hidden costs.

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