SBG’s Aimetis Exchange offer upgrades any live VMS to Aimetis with no fees.

12 December 2016

The Security Buying Group is pleased to announce its exclusive ‘Aimetis Exchange’ offer. Installers are given the opportunity to replace an existing video management software-based, CCTV system with a current Aimetis Symphony™ solution, without paying channel license fees.

“The Exchange offer allows us to replace any current VMS CCTV system, larger than fifty channels, with an Aimetis Symphony™ solution,” explained Paul Scott, Technical Director of Security Buying Group. “Our pricing means integrators, in many cases, can reduce their annual VMS fees by switching to Aimetis. We simply ask customers to commit to annual maintenance and support.”

This offer means sites can benefit from the outstanding VMS functionality Aimetis Symphony™ offers, including taking advantage of its analytics capability. The Security Buying Group supports customers with system design, specification, training and deployment as well as helping to manage the transition to the Aimetis platform.

Paul added, “To maintain the high standard of the Aimetis products, including their installation, installers are requested to attend certification training. In return, they receive free licenses for use on further projects. The cameras, servers and storage devices being re-used need to be on our current, extensive integration list, which can be checked very quickly, before we proceed.”

The Security Buying Group has a comprehensive portfolio of Aimetis applications in many market sectors, which can be seen on its website: