Redvision’s rugged X-SERIES™ camera offers a modular solution to installers.

20 August 2013

The X-SERIES™ is a high-performance, rugged PTZ and dome range, designed and manufactured in the UK by Redvision. The range is modular and can be configured at installation as a “ball” PTZ or as a dome camera, by adding a one-piece canopy. Since its launch in July 2011, the X-SERIES™ has been continually developed to offer an outstanding surveillance solution in any setting, anywhere, day or night.

The X-SERIES™ range

The X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ and dome camera range includes high performance, Super Lo-Lux, day/night, colour and colour / mono cameras, with 18x and 28x optical zoom options. The 28x night-vision camera has built-in, infra-red lights and a 100 metre, night time range. The recently launched Dual Light option is a specialist, night-time PTZ/dome which uses white light and IR LEDs together, each with a 100 metre range. It toggles between lighting modes automatically, to suit ambient lighting conditions and for overt purposes in white light mode. White light not only produces high-quality, colour images in poor lighting conditions, but it also acts as an effective deterrent, illuminating intruders and warning them away.

Intelligent product design

Overcoming challenging weather and environmental conditions was a core requirement for external use. An optically correct, flat window protects the X-SERIES™ camera module. This is made from scratch-resistant glass, which maximizes low-light performance and reduces image distortion. It also enables a wiper to be used to remove rain and surface water in external applications, which would otherwise adversely affect camera visibility.

Redvision’s open-protocol philosophy means the X-SERIES™ can be operated by most leading manufacturer’s control equipment. Each PTZ and dome camera has 100 programmable pre-sets, 8 tours, 24 programmable privacy zones and multiple alarm options. Intelligent pre-set functionality allows the ball PTZ dome to reach a pre-set position in its correct focus and optimal lighting mode, ensuring no evidence is lost as a result of auto-focus or light-level adjustment delays.

The X-SERIES™ has 360º continuous rotation and can withstand operating temperatures from -35º to +50ºC. Mount options include pedestal, swan, wall and pendant to suit all applications. When pendant mounted, the X-SERIES™ can view 10° above horizontal, increasing visibility.

Low energy consumption

Super-Efficient, white light or IR LEDs mean the X-SERIES™ draws just 48W during night-time operation, similar to that of a small light bulb. Its running costs, compared to flood light alternatives, are as little as 5% of the energy. The PTZ/domes’ LEDs last around 6 years, as opposed to traditional PTZ lamps with a Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of 3 months. The X-SERIES™ not only saves energy, but also installer time by reducing the number of routine site visits required to replace bulbs.

Colour and finish

Redvision has worked closely with architects to ensure its domes meet visual, site-specific requirements. To this end, mounting options include pedestal, swan, wall and pendant. The domes come as standard grey or black. Redvision also offers a bespoke RAL colour service in matt or gloss and a Marine-rated, corrosion-resistant, bespoke colour service for challenging environments like oil rigs and sea ports.


The X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ and dome camera range is currently being used in a wide range of applications, including educational establishments, offices, public buildings, museums, prisons and town centres. It offers impressive functionality and operating features, looks stunning and is sympathetic to the application environment.