Redvision’s SDK allows quick and simple integration with third party control systems.

06 July 2015

Redvision provides a software development kit (SDK) to allow NVR and VMS manufacturers to integrate and control its new Full HD RVX-IP30™ PTZ and dome camera range. The SDK is presented in exactly the format control system developers require for comprehensive integration of all PTZ functionality.

Bill Mead, MD of Videcom Security Ltd, recently integrated the company’s VNR control system with Redvison’s RVX-IP30, explains. “Redvision is a product partner of Videcom Security. The company provided us with a Firmware and SDK package based on the ONVIF integration protocol. This allowed us to integrate our VNR control system with the RVX-IP30 rugged domes, for use in local authority applications, where we are widely used and specified.

“The integration of video cameras and control systems is key to the successful implementation of IP CCTV systems. To this end, Redvision provided their SDK in such a way that our developers could complete the integration within 24 hours. This turn-around is unheard of with most other camera manufacturers and testament to the clear and simple way the SDK is presented. Not only that, the integration is far more comprehensive than most. It includes variable speed PTZ operation, essential for applications with direct operator control, with almost no joy-stick latency. Wipers and IR lamps can be switched on and off and all pre-sets, night and day mode operation and tours are enabled through our VNR.”

Both the 1080p and 720p models of the RVX-IP30 HD camera share the same SDK integration. The 1080p model, with IR and white light illumination switched on, is effective up to 120 and 100 metres respectively, with operators recognising people at up to 40 metres. By comparison, the 720p model is effective up to a staggering 200 metres, with operators identifying people at 70 metres.

Video compression format options include H.264, MPEG4 or JPEG and both models have a 30x optical and 12x digital zoom.