Redvision X-SERIES™ cameras on the Maxxess stand E700 at IFSEC 2015.

01 May 2015

Redvision, the UK manufacturer of the X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ dome cameras and Redcop™ rapid deployment systems, will have staff present and products displayed on the Maxxess stand E700 at IFSEC 2015.

The Redvision X-SERIES™ RVX-IP30 rugged dome cameras are shown operating with eFusion™, a new security management solution by Maxxess. eFusion™ combines video, access control, fire and intruder security functions in a single, unified platform, at a far lower cost than competing conventional PSIM solutions.

“The X-SERIES™ cameras and Maxxess access control products have shared equal success in local government and public space security applications,” explained Paul Hucker, MD of Redvision. “This makes the partnership between our companies an obvious step. We had first to integrate with Wavestore’s video surveillance and recording platform, which is in turn controlled by eFusion. Wavestore provides the video recording and control part of the system, linking site incidents and alarms to corresponding video data. Salto access control; Honeywell intruder detection; and Notifier fire alarm systems make up the other manufacturers in the eFusion solution.”

The Maxxess exhibition stand at IFSEC demonstrates how access control, intruder and fire alarms can all be used to trigger Redvision PTZ dome cameras to turn to preset positions or tours and initiate a real-time operator response. Pre and post event recording options ensure video evidence of site incidents, such as a forced door or fire alarm, is captured from numerous angles, with a corresponding audit trail of the alarm handling process. eFusion is a comprehensive, flexible and scalable security and building management solution for IP-based integrators.

Redvision also provides a first tier, technical support and trouble-shooting service for its RVX-IP range and has an extensive integration list with many other leading manufacturers’ control products and VMS platforms.