Redvision makes safety recommendations for rapid deployment CCTV systems.

20 May 2014

Redvision, manufacturer of the rugged X-SERIES™ PTZ and dome camera, has identified a health and safety risk affecting incorrectly assembled, trailer-based, rapid deployment CCTV solutions. Such systems are commonly used in remote locations or for temporary applications and offer a self-contained, security solution.

The X-SERIES™ camera is a popular choice for rapid deployment CCTV system manufacturers. Many of these systems are trailer-based for towing to site by car. They might travel long distances to site, resulting in extended periods of continuous road vibration. The X-SERIES™ camera itself will withstand reasonable levels of vibration, however, some designs of rapid deployment systems are not so tough!

“Recently, we were made aware of a rapid deployment trailer using our X-SERIES™ camera, which was towed over 300 miles to site,” stated Paul Hucker, MD of Redvision. “The trailer had little suspension so the camera assembly was subjected to excessive vibration over several hours, resulting in the main camera fixings to the Rapid Deployment system working loose. The major concern being that no secondary fail safe method had been implemented.”

Redvision makes the following recommendations to installers and suppliers of trailer-based, rapid deployment CCTV systems:

All attachments should use lock-nuts or equivalent vibration-resistant fastenings

All mountings should be securely and correctly fastened before transportation.

The “Dynamic Mount” should be used when attaching an X-SERIES™ camera to a rig.

A secondary safety system is essential for trailer transportation. This could be a fabricated transportation cage.

Only rapid deployment systems, where the manufacturer has undertaken suitable vibration and shock testing, should be used. This is a requirement for transportation applications.

Responsible installers should request vibration test compliance certification from their rapid deployment rig suppliers.

Paul concluded, “Liability for accidents occurring from poorly made or maintained rapid deployment systems clearly lies with the supplier or the installer. However, Redvision is keen that accidents are avoided in the first place.”

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