Peter Linksted, British Junior Canoe Slalom Champion, completes his work experience at CST Global.

12 December 2017

Peter Linksted, the British Junior Canoe Slalom Champion, sponsored by CST Global, has completed his academic, work experience week at the company. The Olympic hopeful, currently 17, is keen to follow an Aeronautical or Aerospace engineering path, once his competitive canoe and kayak career ends. The work experience at CST Global gave him great insight into engineering and manufacturing environments.

Peter attends St Mungos High School, Falkirk, and is studying Maths and Physics Advanced Highers, with Business Management and Engineering Science, Highers. He was put to work assisting design engineers Iain Eddie and Thomas Slight, gaining first-hand experience of CST Global’s photonics lab facility. Peter is shown in the above image with Iain Eddie, middle, and Thomas Slight right.

Peter said, “I shadowed Thomas and Iain in R and D, whilst they worked on different projects and machines. I particularly enjoyed the Scanning Electron Microscope, which inspects and photographs chips, and helped with the design of automated test equipment for Dual Ridge, DFB lasers. I got to work alongside staff in the design, quality, test and production departments, which was amazing.

“I would like to thank Iain and Thomas for their time and for giving me an insight into the business. I would also like to thank the entire company for being so accommodating and helpful whilst I was there.”

Peter continued his canoe and kayak training during his work experience. Early morning, water-based sessions, before work, for improving technique, endurance and race simulation. Evening sessions in the gym, after work, were to build upper body strength. If that wasn’t enough, some additional running and swimming sessions were included to improve general fitness.

CST Global’s sponsorship has paid for some of Peter’s equipment, including a specialist paddle. He is also supported by Scottish Canoe Association (SCA) professional coaches. He is under their Horizon programme, funded by Sports Scotland, for the development of world class canoeists.