National Car Parks reduce energy bill by 39% with Luminite PIRs.

19 May 2014

Electrical Installations Ltd uses Luminite’s Genesis wireless PIR detectors to automatically switch lighting on and off at National Car Park (NCP) sites. Whilst people are parking or walking to their cars, the PIRs detect them and switch lights on, then automatically switch them off when no one is present. This simple concept is used in 120 NCP car parks across the UK and has been proven to reduce energy bills by a staggering 39%.

James Hodgkin, of Electrical Installations (Lincs) Ltd (NG33 4QJ) explains the impact of the system. “Energy reductions of 39% on a 600 bay car park, a typical NCP site, equate to cost savings of over £10,000 per site per year. The capital investment for the system and its installation is usually paid back in under 18 months. The total cost saving for NCP, across all of the 120 sites we have adapted, is well over £1m per year.”

Graham Creek, MD of Luminite, added, “The Genesis PIRs are used to detect if people are present. Lights turn on and off automatically, except in payment areas and staff kiosks, which remain lit at all times for health and safety reasons. Should the system fail in any way, lights remain on and an alert is raised. These functions are all set up using Electrical Installations (Lincs) Ltd’s control software. Although this is a simple energy saving concept, it is only possible because Genesis PIRs have such exceptional wireless communications. They can transmit through and around the reinforced concrete walls and beams of multi-story car parks, where hard-wired PIRs are impractical to install. Electrical Installations Ltd found no other wireless PIRs with this capability, demonstrating the quality and relevance of our products.”

For more information on the Genesis 2 PIR detection range, contact Luminite on 020 8368 7887 or visit