More torque and less action for Redvision’s X-SERIES™ cameras!

21 November 2014

An increased torque setting in Redvision’s X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ and dome camera range serves to lock the camera in place when motionless. The setting is designed for applications where there is more load on the camera head, such as when the Visor sun-shield is fitted; for locations where birds may land on it, such as seagulls in coastal and maritime applications; and where the camera is exposed to high winds.

“The torque level of the motors in the pan and tilt mechanism of the X-SERIES™ camera is now adjustable,” explained Paul Hucker, Managing Director of UK-based CCTV manufacturer, Redvision. “High torque in a moving PTZ camera is what makes the camera quick and responsive. When stationary, high torque has the effect of locking the camera in position and resisting unwanted movement. The compromise is that energy consumption increases with torque.

“The factory settings of the X-SERIES™ are designed to balance speed and efficiency, for the majority of applications. We have torque set at 50% for when the camera is stationary, which is energy efficient. Maximum torque is engaged during movement, achieving pan speeds of 200°/sec and tilt speeds of 100°/sec.

“The new adjustable setting allows customers to increase the stationary torque to 100%, where appropriate. This holds the cameras in position, resisting unwanted movement resulting from birds, exposure to wind and where the Visor is fitted.”

The torque setting adjustment applies to the 18, 28 and 40x X-SERIES™; with and without IR and white light LEDs; and with and without wipers.