Luminite adds the Genesis “smart” IP Masthead to Genesis system.

19 July 2013

Luminite, the UK-based manufacturer of PIR detector systems, has introduced the Genesis “smart” IP Masthead. The IP Masthead coordinates the alarm communications of up to 64 Genesis wireless PIR detectors. It transmits them as internet protocol (IP) data, across a network, to a CCTV system DVR, NVR or remote monitoring station. Network access, via the IP Masthead, means that most Genesis PIR functionality can now be set-up and managed remotely, so fewer site visits by installers are required.

Battery-powered, wireless PIR detectors enable optimal PIR positioning. Unconstrained by network or power cable locations and requiring no civil work to mount them around a site perimeter, Genesis wireless PIRs are among the most effective available.

The Genesis PIR detector alarms include tamper, anti-shock, anti-cloaking and intrusion detection, as well as a range of system management alerts like low PIR battery strength and weak wireless signal. Distinguishing between critical and non-critical alarms, in this way, enables NVRs and DVRs to integrate with the IP Masthead, providing intelligent management. Critical alarms can alert an operator or key holder to a site incident for an immediate response, whereas non-critical alarms, like a low battery life warning, can be used to remind the installer to schedule a maintenance visit. This approach significantly increases the effectiveness of a CCTV system, whilst reducing the likelihood of false alarms.

An electronic “health-check” is also carried out every few seconds, ensuring that all the PIRs within a system are operating correctly.

DVR and NVR manufacturers wishing to include this level of functionality in their products can develop the necessary network communication protocols using a standard software development kit. DM, GeoVision and Videoswitch are already compatible manufacturers.

Contact Luminite on 020 8368 7887 or visit for more information.