Hein Netzwerktechnik GmbH installs eneo cameras and iNEX VMS for transportation security.

21 August 2017

Hein Netzwerktechnik GmbH, from Ratingen in Germany, has successfully used an eneo hybrid IP and analogue, server-based, video surveillance solution to secure the administration building of a North Rhine-Westphalian transportation company. Hein Netzwerktechnik is a specialist, security installer working extensively in the information and communications technology sector. It has application experience across a range of business types, from small to medium-sized enterprises through to international and multi-site corporates. Hein system integration expertise encompasses unified communications, enterprise networks, data centres and cloud services.

The transportation company operates in the public sector - a competitive market in Germany with limited budgets. Hein Netzwerktechnik has a close working relationship with the customer and a clear understanding of their budget. The tender had to provide maximum functionality, as well as represent excellent value. To reduce capital expenditure, Hein opted to re-use 12 of the site’s existing analogue cameras, originally installed using a twisted pair, cable infrastructure. These were encoded into the new IP network. Hein also provided 18x IP bullet cameras and 2x IP, rugged PTZs, taking the total camera count to 32. Control and recording of the system was managed by eneo’s iNEX Video Management Software (VMS) and server, the PNR-5564R.

eneo products enabled Hein to offer a seamless mix of IP and analogue cameras, within one system. eneo gave exceptional, presales support during the design phase, ensuring a smooth installation. The decision to re-use existing cameras and cabling significantly reduced the equipment and installation cost. Indeed, it was this innovative approach to the system design, and its associated cost savings, that earnt Hein the project contract! A network video server was used to integrate the 12 analogue cameras and re-instated the alarm contact connections from all the external, pole-mounted cameras. Outdoor VDSL modems supplied both Ethernet and PoE to the cameras.

The PNR-5564R provides full HD, real time recording, with a maximum data throughput rate of 300 Mbps. Its internal hard disk capacity is 48TB, spread across eight, SATA HDDs, with RAID options. It provided more than enough storage for Full HD, real time recording of the 32 cameras for 31 days. The PNR’s operating system resides on SSDs (Solid State Drives) giving a super-fast operator response, with minimal latency. Remote viewing and control is enabled via the iNEX client software for PCs. The 18 IP bullet cameras (IPB-62M2812M0A) have a motorised, 3MP varifocal lens and Smart IR with a 50m, night-time range, for site coverage. The two rugged PTZ domes (IPP-82A0030MIA) provide site coverage and the ability to get close up recordings of most site incidents. The rugged PTZs are IP66 weather-rated with a 30x optical zoom lens (4.3–129mm). The lens is ‘zoom synchronized’ with the PTZs built-in IR illuminators to give an impressive night-time viewing range of 300m, without scene saturation at close range.

All publicly accessible areas bordering the site had to be excluded from the video surveillance recording for data protection purposes, so privacy zone masking was essential. This is standard on all the eneo cameras used. The cameras also include ONVIF mapping, so events are defined and encoded as ONVIF alarms to help with search and retrieval functionality.

Motion detection, tamper, virtual tripwire, integrated counting, direction recognition, area monitoring, face recognition and defog come as standard on the eneo cameras along with functions like vertical view, lens distortion correction and a browser-based, web interface for set-up that we can even use via a smartphone.

The eneo security products worked faultlessly with the third-party network equipment used, including Cisco 48 port PoE+ switches, a VDSL switch and Rubytech PoE+ modems. Eizo monitors are used in three control positions, powered by Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) PCs using eneo’s iNEX client software.

The project was a success and Hein Netzwerktechnik is already receiving enquiries from other companies in the sector.