Grundig Security, one manufacturer - IP, analogue and HD-SDI technology.

18 April 2013

IP, analogue and HD-SDI are the three core categories of transmission technology used within the security industry. Both IP and HD-SDI have Full HD capability. Grundig, the German electronics manufacturer, who returned to the security market in 2010, is amongst the very few leading security brands to offer a comprehensive product range and security solutions using each transmission technology.

We have asked Ludwig Bergshneider, CEO at Grundig Security, to explain the company’s strategy, why it is happy to invest in each transmission technology and how they all play a vital role in the market.

The UK security market

Despite very few manufacturers offering complete product ranges for each technology, Grundig views this approach as an essential aspect of its strategy. We believe we must have a solution for all applications, from multi-site, multi-camera applications, through to simple, four camera systems and smaller. We have also considered entirely new installations, with no legacy equipment, through to system upgrades where costs can be off-set by re-using existing cabling or equipment. At Grundig, we accept that product selection is as likely to be influenced by technology as it is price – and the price is reduced when cabling and equipment is re-used.

Many new installations are using IP technology, which we fully endorse. Although IP is still more expensive than analogue, the benefits of Full HD, wireless, analytics and scalability often outweigh this cost. However, I have noticed that new IP systems tend to be the larger ones or those with multiple sites. This demonstrates that smaller IP systems are not yet at the right price point to compete with analogue and just how important price is to the installer in product selection. Also, three quarters of the installations we supply are for system upgrades. IP solutions are uncompetitive in this scenario, because no existing cabling can be re-used and media converters add further expense. So analogue remains the largest part of the market, hence our continued interest and investment.

HD-SDI is a newcomer, but it is already proving very successful and its easy to see why. It offers a Full HD, digital solution, similar in quality to HD television or BlueRay. Installers benefit from being able to re-use coaxial infrastructures to save money and the installation method is similar to analogue, which is familiar. The complex IT support element, which scares many installers away from IP solutions, is also avoided.

R and D focus

Irrespective of transmission technologies Full HD and the presentation of images in a 16:9 ratio are both growing trends.

Full HD video images at 2MP (1080P / 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) or more are available in both our IP and HD-SDI ranges. We have every type of camera covered and include two 5MP options. Wide dynamic range (WDR), digital noise reduction (DNR) and privacy masking are standard.

The 16:9 image ratio is becoming the standard for TV, mobile phones and PCs. CCTV will follow suit. At IFSEC we will be exhibiting our 21.5”, 16:9, Full HD monitor with backlight LED technology that offers reliability and low cost operation. Further models will be available later in the year.

Grundig IP technology

IP technology greatly increases the effectiveness of video surveillance systems, providing great opportunities for remote security monitoring and management.

One of our biggest focuses is our new 4, 8 and 16 channel NVR range. It features an ultra-reliable embedded operating system with recording and display speeds of up to 400FPS. Even the 16 channel model is able to deliver Full HD, 1080P, real-time (25FPS) recording and playback on all video channels simultaneously.

The NVRs have an intuitive user interface with options for direct USB mouse control or network-enabled, remote set up and configuration. They will detect and auto-configure cameras within a system and offer a plug-and-play solution using PoE. Search and playback are made simple, using a revolutionary timeline function and back up is possible at the click of a mouse.

Grundig’s IP camera range includes PTZ, anti-vandal domes, domes for internal and external applications, box cameras, compact bullet cameras and equipment such as video encoders, media converters and transmitters.

Our new Grundig IP cameras have four independent video streams which optimise video for each viewing and recording device. The choice of H.264 compression levels includes base, main and high settings and a range of features including BLC, WDR, DNR and SMART IR are available.

Our IP cameras are designed for quick and simple installation. Set up software allows the operator to check and adjust camera network configuration, using a single, on-screen menu page. Camera configuration profiles can also be copied from one camera to another, within a system, making set up fast and efficient. Time, date and camera ID data can be transmitted as part of the image data file for display in playback mode; essential for evidential purposes. All Grundig IP cameras are ONVIF compliant. Remote software upgrades are available when new developments and enhancements occur.

Grundig network cameras contain built-in security features for comprehensive data and network protection. These include image transmission protection options and the ability to create certified access levels to specific cameras and data stored within a system. Each camera contains a Micro SD memory card, with no external access.

Grundig IP cameras include a wide range of incident detection tools like motion, alarm input, network failure detection and tamper alarm. When an incident occurs, camera images are recorded and emails, SNMP, http notifications and FTP uploads are initiated. The camera’s alarm output can also be activated.

Grundig analogue technology

At IFSEC 2012, we will launch a control keyboard for the analogue DVR and HD-SDI DVR range. This keyboard is ideal for larger applications, where DVRs can be combined together, working in conjunction with Grundig Control Software.

The analogue DVR range now extends from 4 to 32 channels, with D1 real-time record and playback on many models. HDD options include SATA, eSATA and a software-based HDD mirror option, with recording capacities extending up to 32TB.

At IFSEC we will also be showing our PTZ camera range with the new Sony Effio DSP sensor. This supports 960 x 760 pixel resolution, WDR, privacy and low-light capability.

Grundig analogue cameras have a minimum resolution of 600TVL and work exceptionally well in low light conditions. Robust outdoor and IR options are available, to ensure all areas of a site can be protected.

Grundig HD-SDI technology

HD-SDI enables the transmission of uncompressed digital video, in real time (25FPS). Although it is a high-quality digital video solution, it benefits from very simple analogue-style installation and support.

Grundig HD-SDI CCTV cameras and HD-SDI Speed Domes use Full HD technology with 1080P, 1980 x 1080 pixel resolution and 25FPS. The HD-SDI DVRs to be launched at the show support 200FPS in Full HD, 1080P resolution and, with a recording extension facility, offer up to 64 TB of additional storage. All cameras within an HD-SDI system are connected directly to the DVR, point to point. They enable live, Full HD, uncompressed video to be viewed on all channels simultaneously.

Coaxial cabling is used to transmit HD-SDI signals, just like analogue systems. No network configuration or IT knowledge are necessary to set up a system. The DVR will detect the video signals from the cameras automatically and will record the data immediately.

Grundig’s ethos

Grundig’s commitment to image quality and ease of use extends across all its products, whichever the transmission category, upholding Grundig’s premium brand position. Grundig is demonstrating that German quality and thorough design are capable of bringing new and fresh ideas to the security industry. Clearly analogue, IP and HD-SDI technologies have an important place in the market and Grundig offers installers a choice – all from a single manufacturer.