Eneo’s KVM extenders access NVRs and DVRs via Ethernet.

20 June 2016

Eneo’s new KVM extenders allow users to have remote access to eneo NVRs and DVRs, as well as other compatible HDMI devices, across an Ethernet network. The KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) transmitter, IAM-5EE1001MTA, connects to the NVR or DVR and the KVM receiver, IAM-5EE1001MRA, positioned remotely, provides keyboard, monitor and mouse connections. The monitor connection is through an HDMI 1.3b port. One USB 1.1 port and three USB 2.0 ports are provided for the mouse and keyboard.

“The eneo KVM extenders use an Ethernet network, so unlike traditional KVM solutions, they do not rely on point-to-point cabling,” explained Martin Morris, eneo Business Development Manager UK & Ireland. “This not only reduces installation overheads, as new or dedicated cabling is not required, but also allows installation flexibility. One or many users are able to view and control one or many recorders and, depending on the capability of the network and switches used, this can be up to 16 transmitters and 64 receivers at once. Ethernet transmission distances are up to 150m over CAT5e or 180m over CAT6.”

The extenders support Full HD and 1920x1200p video resolutions. They are set up via a purpose-designed, user interface using the monitor with a keyboard, mouse or IR remote controller or by an Android or iOS smartphone app. The extenders support HDMI and analogue, bi-directional audio, allowing operators to issue audible instructions to a site. RS232, Full Duplex data communications is also enabled.