Eneo launches the eneo CXTEND range of HD-TVI cameras and DVRs.

17 August 2015

eneo CXTEND is eneo’s new range of HD-TVI (High Definition - Transport Video Interface) cameras and DVRs. HD-TVI technology enables the transmission of Full HD video over coaxial cable, at distances of up to 500m. Pricing is similar to that of analogue products and resolutions compare with Full HD, IP products, so eneo CXTEND should have a significant impact on the traditional analogue market.

“The eneo CXTEND range comprises 4, 8 and 16 channel DVRs and cameras in bullet, box, fixed dome and PTZ formats,” explained Jochen Elsesser, Business Development and Marketing Director at eneo. “The eneo CXTEND cameras are compatible with our existing camera mounts and brackets. Both, eneo CXTEND economy and premium cameras offer 720p and 1080p video. In addition, the premium cameras offer an advanced feature set, which includes auto-focus zoom (AFZ) modules; wide dynamic range (WDR); pointing zoom; HLC / BLC / 3DNR and Sens Up; and UTC (up the coax) which enables camera set-up and PTZ control. The DVRs record both HD-TVI and analogue video streams for ultimate flexibility and also support audio recording. All eneo CXTEND HD-TVI products inter-operate with our user-friendly, central control and image transmission iRAS software, which manages up to 1024 analogue, IP and HD-TVI cameras in a single system.”

eneo’s CXTEND camera range, the 4 channel 720p real-time DVR and the 16 channel 1080p real-time DVR will be available at the beginning of September 2015. The economy 8 and 16 channel DVRs, with 720p real-time and 1080p recording at reduced frame rates, will be available later in the year.

Jochen added, “HD-TVI combines IP image quality with the simple, plug-and-play installation of analogue technology, using the same familiar BNC connections. Unlike IP CCTV solutions, HD-TVI is unaffected by bandwidth limitations, with each camera connected directly to the DVR. This means there is no latency, making HD-TVI ideal for applications where responsive PTZ operator control is required.”

HD-TVI helps installers to offer a cost-effective, Full HD video solution, which re-uses the analogue coaxial cables already fitted on a site. HD-TVI is an open technology, so eneo’s DVRs and cameras are compatible with other manufacturers’ HD-TVI cameras and recorders. Remote access and control is enabled via a broadband connection.