eneo launch purpose-designed, network component range.

27 October 2015

eneo, the German CCTV manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of its new network component range. Designed to complement the eneo IP video product portfolio, the range comprises managed PoE switches, media converters, PoE injectors and PoE extenders, and is ideal for completing any IP CCTV deployment.

Martin Morris, eneo Business Development Manager UK & Ireland, explains the range. “The eneo Managed PoE Switches have 8 or 16 fast Ethernet ports (EPS-1008/1016) providing 30 watts per channel, with a 130w and 250w budget, respectively. They offer web browser and GUI management of useful CCTV features, including VLAN configuration, LACP port and link aggregation and PoE usage. Both options are 19” rack mountable.

“The eneo Media Converter range includes an Ethernet over coaxial cable (EVX-900B) option and an Ethernet over unshielded twisted pair or telephone cable (EVX-900R) option. Both options are suitable for long cable runs of up to 1000m to the camera.

“The eneo PoE Injector (ENI-900P) provides a 30w power and gigabit Ethernet data connection for IP surveillance cameras at distances of up to 100m. The PoE Extender (ENX-900P) adds power and data every 100m, with the potential to have up to four repeaters per run.”