eneo enables EPOS functionality in its IP video systems.

09 December 2015

Eneo’s NPCII universal protocol converter enables eneo IP video recorders to integrate with leading point-of-sale (POS) cash till, access control, LPR (license plate recognition) and ATM systems.

eneo’s DLR5, TVR and PNR recorder ranges, central management iRAS software and RAS Mobile, remote viewing app, are all enabled.

eneo’s NPCII meets a retailers’ need for a smart and cost-effective POS and video surveillance solution, out-of-the-box. Data from cash tills, barcode scanners and card readers is linked to video so, for example, till receipt text can be displayed, or overlaid, on live video at the local monitor and viewed using the iRAS software or the RAS app. Users can assign video cameras to individual POS systems, such as linking cash till 1 to video camera 10. The text data can also be stored for efficient searching at a later date.

“Video data can be searched and retrieved using till receipt information, such as product names, combinations of names, card data and cashiers,” explained Martin Morris, eneo Business Development Manager UK & Ireland. “As an example, all video relating to sales of high value items like ‘whiskey’ made by ‘cashier 1’, during a defined time period, can be retrieved for closer examination. Equally, quantities of a particular product sold during a defined time frame can be counted. Searches can include one or many integrated POS systems.”

eneo offers a true, cost-effective, out-of-the-box integration with leading cash tills and complementary security systems.