Dr. Thomas Slight’s white paper on GaN DFB laser diodes is published on APEX.

17 December 2018

Dr. Thomas Slight, Research Engineer at CST Global, has successfully published his research paper covering next-generation, Gallium Nitride (GaN), DFB laser diodes in the Applied Physics Express (APEX) letters journal. APEX reports on new findings in applied physics and is affiliated with the Institute of Physics (IoP).

Thomas’s paper, “Continuous-wave operation of (Al,In)GaN distributed-feedback laser diodes with high-order notched gratings,” summarises the findings of the government-funded, “Quantum Cooling using Mode Controlled Blue Lasers” project, known as CoolBlue. The paper reports on the continuous-wave, room-temperature operation of distributed feedback laser diodes (DFB-LD) with high-order notched gratings. It covers the design, fabrication and characterization of the DFB devices, which are based on the (Al,In)GaN material system.

Thomas explains, “The single wavelength, blue laser diode source, developed in the project, offered increased power, lower complexity and smaller size over conventional laser sources. The paper shows it is possible to transform quantum sensors from laboratory instruments into miniaturised, robust systems, for a far wider range of commercial applications. In practice, these are associated with ultracold, atom-based, quantum sensing systems, such as atomic clocks.”

CST Global is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sivers IMA Holdings AB.

APEX white paper summary:

Title: Continuous-wave operation of (Al,In)GaN distributed-feedback laser diodes with high-order notched gratings.

Author: Thomas J. Slight (1)

Author affiliations: Szymon Stanczyk (2,3), Scott Watson (4), Amit Yadav (5), Szymon Grzanka (2,3), Edik Rafailov (5), Piotr Perlin (2,3), Stephen P. Najda (2), Mike Leszczyński (2,3), Steffan Gwyn (4) and Anthony E. Kelly (4).

1. Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global Ltd., G72 0BN Glasgow, U.K.

2. Topgan, Sokołowska, 29/37, 01-142 Warsaw, Poland

3. Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Prymasa Tysiaclecia 98, 01-424 Warsaw, Poland

4. School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8LT, U.K.

5. Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET, U.K.