CST Global qualified, 4” wafer processing facility available.

14 March 2017

Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global Ltd (CST Global) has announced that its qualified, 4” wafer processing facility is to be offered to the general market across all product types. CST Global is the UK’s leading, independent, III-V opto-electronic semiconductor foundry and the 4” wafer processing facility, which has been running under a proprietary arrangement for over 12 months, increases production capacity by 50%, compared to 3” wafer processing.

The announcement has been made ahead of the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) Conference and Exhibition, 2017, held in Los Angeles. OFC attracts leading companies in the field, all keen to showcase new technological advances and trends affecting the industry. The availability of CST Global’s 4” wafer processing is a significant development, as the world opto-electronics industry moves into silicon-like, high-volume production.

Neil Martin, CEO at CST Global, stated, “CST Global is qualified to process 4” wafers. Core to the capability is an automatic, 4” bar stacker machine and in-house MOCVD regrowth facility. CST Global can cleave 4” wafers in to bars; stack the bars for high-reflective (HR) and anti-reflective (AR) coating; unstack the bars; test lasers in bar form; and singulate lasers for shipping. The qualified, 4” process allows us to produce distributed feedback (DFB) lasers for residential fibre-network applications, compliant with Telcordia GR 468 in higher volumes than 3”.

“CST Global is the only independent, UK company to have a complete 4” capability, in-house. It represents a significant investment for CST Global in terms of machine costs and commissioning hours, but has vastly increased our laser throughput and yield. We can now handle bar batches of up to 80 at once, with laser capacity up to 100,000 per 4” wafer and up to 200 wafers per month. It also keeps an important part of our production capability in-house, benefiting quality control, production planning and delivery lead times.”