CST Global announces the successful sampling of 1270nm, DFB lasers for 10G PON applications.

29 March 2018

CST Global has announced the successful sampling of its 1270nm, 2.5Gb/s asymmetric and 10Gb/s symmetric, DFB lasers for 10G PON (passive optical network) applications, originally sampled in October 2017. This new announcement comes ahead of the company’s attendance at the OFC (Optical Networking and Communication) Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, 11-15th March, 2017.

Andrew McKee, Technical Director at CST Global, who is leading the DFB laser development, explains, “CST Global is currently beta sampling its asymmetric 2.5Gb/s lasers and alpha sampling its symmetric, 10Gb/s lasers. The asymmetric beta samples, which are undergoing ITU-GR468 reliability testing, are available for customer trials in Known Good Die on Tape (KGDT) and TO 56 Can formats.

“The asymmetric, 2.5Gb/s, 1270nm DFB lasers allow the existing Optical Networking Units (ONU’s), found at the user end of fibre-to-the-home broadband solutions, to be re-used. As a result, we expect a fast up-take in 2.5Gb/s, 1270nm lasers, which is why this solution has been a priority.

“The symmetric, 10Gb/s, 1270nm laser option requires a new design of ONU before a large-scale uptake is expected, but it is already in demand. We are pleased to offer a solution for the two, prevailing technologies in this growing market.”

CST Global is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sivers IMA Holdings AB.