CST Global adds 1490nm, 2.5Gb/s, GPON lasers to its standard, product portfolio.

26 March 2018

CST Global has announced that its 1490nm, 2.5Gb/s, DFB lasers for GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) applications have been successfully beta sampled and are available to order. The 1490nm laser transmits data downstream, from the Optical Light Terminal (OLT) to the Optical Network Unit (ONU), positioned in the home or business premises. The transmission of data upstream, from the ONU to the OLT, is achieved using a 1310nm laser of either 1.25Gb/s or 2.5Gb/s, which CST Global also produces within its standard product range.

“Production of 1490nm, 2.5Gb/s, DFB lasers for GPON applications has become increasingly difficult due to an evolving, industry build-standard,” explains Euan Livingston, VP Sales and Marketing at CST Global. “We have successfully produced the 1490nm, GPON lasers, to the C++ specification, in a TO Can format. Additionally, we will support Known Good Die on Tape (KGDT) formats of these devices, if required. We are very pleased to add 1490nm lasers to our standard, product portfolio; a testament to our ever-increasing, production quality and capability.

“GPON markets are growing world-wide and sales into developing markets like China and India, where we sold over 2m units in 2017, are continuing to expand. We identified the potential for 1490nm, DFB lasers 18 months ago and invested in the staff, machinery and processes necessary to meet this escalating demand.”

The news that CST Global supplies 1490nm, 2.5Gb/s DFB lasers for GPON applications, comes ahead of the company’s attendance at the OFC (Optical Networking and Communication) Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, 11-15th March, 2018.

CST Global is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sivers IMA Holdings AB.