COP Security is not just another security distributor.

18 April 2013

At COP Security, we are an installer focussed business. We do not cut corners to save money, which is typical of this market sector. Instead, we have value engineered every process in our company, from pre to post-sales support; reinvesting the money we have saved to benefit our customers. We invest in our products and processes to eliminate any potential problems and to ensure they meet installer requirements in the following areas:

Fair and competitive pricing

Outstanding and relevant functionality

Product availability

On-time delivery at specified times

Reliable, warranty protected products

Immediate, in-depth technical support

In this article, key members of our staff team explain the role they play in ensuring COP meets installers’ needs.

Product development

We design and specify all our products for manufacture, using customer feedback to ensure our products are optimal for the UK market. We offer high quality products which we sell in high volumes, which helps to keep prices competitive. We have two key suppliers, COP Security Taiwan and IR Lab, who we have been working with for 17 and 10 years respectively. All the ancillary equipment we sell is UK sourced, such as the Sony modules we use in our PTZ domes.

Our testing processes are rigorous, including soak and operation tests. We are so convinced by the quality of our products and our thorough test processes, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, free advanced replacement for 1 year and a 3 year warranty.

All our products are high quality, well-designed, cost-effective and intrinsically reliable.


We run a lean and efficient sales service, focussing on what really matters to installers. We do no cold calling, have no expensive staff on the road and avoid money sapping, large exhibitions. Instead, we have well-trained staff, available on the phone to respond knowledgably to any enquiries. All of the sales team are able to help installers choose the right products for their applications and ensure they have the right combinations of products. Our sales team also helps introduce new products, sending free prototypes out to selected customers to trial for themselves and to give us installer feedback.


Each product bought from COP is supported by our Advantage Plus care service as standard and at no extra cost. There is no question that Advantage Plus is the best service and support package available to installers, from any manufacturer or distributor. Ironically, we delivered every aspect of Advantage Plus, before we came up with the name!

We provide high quality, well-written marketing materials from price lists and brochures, through to manuals and datasheets. We aim to not only help our customers understand, install and configure products but also to help them present our products to their customers.

When we write our product manuals, we explain clearly how to install and use our products, covering every aspect of the product’s functionality.

Our website includes all product, company and service information and we regularly send out e-newsletters with company and product information and special offers.

Purchasing department

Our purchasing department relies heavily on exceptional internal and external communications. We work closely with our development and sales teams to ensure we are ordering the right quantity of stock at any given time. We have 99.9% stock availability and our stock is valued, on average, at £1.5m. We track sales demand carefully, to ensure we always have stock and we work out minimum stock requirements of all product lines to ensure availability. The purpose of our department is to ensure customers are always able to get the products they need, when they need them.

Technical support

The technical support team focusses on helping installers complete their installations as efficiently as possible. We support all customers and all COP products. On contacting us, customers are issued with a job number and will be called back, typically within 10 minutes. We support any product we have sold, irrespective of its age. Any returns will be assessed free of charge and repairs, where appropriate, will be done for free.

We will also help our customers set up network access on DVRs remotely and for free – a service other companies usually charge for.


The aim of our accounts department is to save installers time and hassle. We are able to set up new customer credit accounts within 24 hours and we offer cash or 30 days credit terms. We also credit any returns made to ourselves within a week.

We have close working relationships with our customers where dialogue and efficiency are paramount.


We offer a UK next day delivery service on all our products and a Northern Europe next day or 2 day service. We have a very close relationship with our carriers and we track every single consignment. We specify a unique one hour, delivery window (via email or text) so no installer has to wait around for a shipment to arrive.

Warehouse and Trade Counter

Our warehouse is efficiently run with complete stock rotation. Every item that leaves our warehouse is bar coded. This allows us to check that the right products are included in sales order shipments and almost no picking errors occur.

Every item that leaves our warehouse has been thoroughly tested by us, so we know our products work perfectly before they leave site. This means our “out of box” failure rate is almost zero and certainly amongst the lowest of any brand in the industry. Our customers will rarely have to return to site to sort out product-related problems.

Our trade counter has many of our products set up and working and staff are available to offer advice and information to visitors.

We sell reconditioned goods at heavily discounted prices. We have a comprehensive stock of ancillary equipment, including cables, power supplies, surge protectors, connectors and many more items, for installer convenience.

COP Security

We understand what installers want because we work so closely with them and deliver it as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. Our business model is unique in the UK security industry and has been proven to work well, especially during the recent difficult financial times.

Our approach is simple. We identify any potential problems and take pre-emptive measures to address them; value-engineer out any unnecessary expense; ensure outstanding product quality and reliability; and focus on installers’ needs.