Aimetis Thin Client 2.0 now available.

09 December 2015

A secure, reliable, and cost-effective PC alternative.

The Aimetis Thin Client™ 2.0 is now available for download. In addition to decoding video from more than 30+ network video manufacturers, it now supports video playback and export when used with Aimetis Symphony™.

Aimetis Thin Client is a secure, reliable, and cost-effective PC alternative designed to easily display 1080p video. It is the ideal solution for users looking for more flexibility than a traditional decoder, but less complexity than a PC solution. The easy setup, compact design, and flexible installation options make it the perfect device for space constrained environments.

New features include:

•Mouse and touch screen monitor support

•Video playback when used with Aimetis Symphony VMS

•Video export to a USB stick connected to the Thin Client when using Aimetis Symphony VMS

•HDMI-CEC support to control the Thin Client using a TV remote over the HDMI cable

•Support for RTSP video

Interested in learning more about Aimetis? Watch the Thin Client video here.