Aimetis Symphony VMS helps to secure and manage Munich airport.

27 August 2014

Aimetis Symphony™ video management software (VMS) and video analytics has been installed to help manage Munich Airport’s 2000 camera CCTV system. It is playing a critical role in helping the airport protect passengers, freight, border entry points and staff, as well as improving operational efficiency.

Munich Airport

Munich Airport is the second largest airport in Germany and a hub to almost 33 million passengers and 292 thousand tons of air freight a year. It was recently voted the best airport in Europe. It is a busy site run with German precision and efficiency. In order to achieve a high standard of security and site management, around 5000 users require access to the CCTV data in order to carry out their roles most effectively. Users range from the police and air field controllers to car park and forecourt managers and retailers in the airport’s shopping mall. Each user requires CCTV data presented specifically for their needs.

Munich Airport video management system

The security system at Munich Airport is extensive. 2000 IP cameras are managed by the Aimetis Symphony™ VMS, with a further 1000 input / output alarm devices. Aimetis Symphony™ operates using off-the-shelf servers using Microsoft Server operating systems. The entire CCTV system operates with only 6 servers – three operational and three as fail-over servers in case of system or network failure. The video data produced is used at 250 different station points throughout the airport, each viewed by client’s PCs with individual camera viewing and control access.

System requirements

The security brief was to provide a system that closely monitored individuals travelling in and out of the airport. The level of the security had to be exceptional, all privacy and data protection laws had to be met and passengers were to be unaware of its presence in normal airport operations. The Aimetis Symphony™ video management system was seen to be the way forward.

Michael Zaddach, CEO of Munich Airport, stated, “We selected Aimetis because of its scalability, expandability and the configurability of the system.

“The Aimetis solution is flexible and allows multiple cameras to be added to the system or moved efficiently, as licenses are not tied to the cameras’ MAC address. This allows the airport to install new cameras in higher risk areas, re-position existing ones very easily or replace cameras without having to buy a new license. The system provides intuitive set up and configuration and does not require additional servers.”

The Aimetis Symphony ™ provides Munich Airport a wealth of security and site management data to protect customers and also enhance their experience at the airport. Data includes motion tracking; video motion tracking; object classification; left item detection and alerts; removed item detection and alerts; virtual fence and boundary breach; vehicle counting; wrong direction alerts; loitering; and people counting. The data is used by the security staff and operations managers to identify a range of problems and take action. The security staff team is able to respond to security alerts, boundary breaches and suspicious behaviour quickly, efficiently and appropriately. The operations team is also able to ensure the environment is kept safe from hazards such as objects blocking doors and trip threats; manage peak travel times, car parks and people flow and use the data to inform staffing levels and site processes.

The system not only offers a wealth of functionality, but also allows the right people to see the data at the appropriate times. Flexible live viewing options include video wall, web and mobile clients. Data is sent via the network hub to desk top, PDA and web clients or via the internet to the same range of clients, offering huge flexibility and mobile site management. It allows input / output system integration, so additional security requirements, such as access control, can also be included within the system.

Human error is minimised by using a range of alerts. The system will provide event-driven data, time synchronized reports and record clear, relevant video for evidential purposes. Ensuring a rapid response to potential threats and issues has had a significant effect on the security and operations at Munich Airport.

Johann Götz, Head of ITN at Munich Airport commented, “With intelligent video software from Aimetis, we are able to analyse passenger flow and avoid potential problems.”

The Aimetis integrated surveillance system enables Munich security staff to easily monitor the entire airport. Security is enhanced as staff handle system alerts and respond rapidly to threats and major incidents immediately. Operational efficiency has been streamlined and core operational processes improved, including aircraft handling and safety monitoring. Crime prevention and investigation have become more efficient, accurate and effective. All this and on-demand business intelligence have served to improve customer experience and satisfaction. It is no coincidence that Munich is considered the best airport in Europe.

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