Aimetis provides intelligent surveillance and analytics for VW manufacturing.

18 June 2013

Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH produces 1100 vehicles a day and employs over 6000 staff at its site in Zwickau, Germany. Volkswagen required a future-proof, flexible and intelligent video surveillance system to protect staff and business assets, such as vehicles, parts, engines, manufacturing equipment and raw materials.

Aimetis Symphony™ was installed by Aimetis Certified Partner, VST GmbH at the manufacturing plant, to provide an intelligent video surveillance system with efficient and effective video analytics. Staff and customer safety were paramount, but the system also had to prevent or investigate vandalism and theft of automotive components and vehicles.

The site’s existing CCTV cameras, mostly outdoor PTZ domes, were integrated into the Aimietis system. Many new IP cameras were installed to monitor the delivery truck loading bays; the car park for post-production vehicles; the customer-service centre and other critical areas. Video images were then transmitted to a remote monitoring centre, for real-time observation and management.

Accuracy of video analytics was paramount, especially with outdoor cameras open to differing weather conditions, such as rain, snow and strong winds. Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video analytics detects and alerts operatives to any suspicious activity, like loitering or people entering restricted areas. This prevents potential incidents and allows an immediate, appropriate response to actual ones. The intelligent system triggers PTZ cameras to zoom in on intruders, turn lights on or sounds an alarm. All event images are viewed in real-time and stored. The result is that there are virtually no false alarms for Volkswagen.

Aimetis video analytics can be applied to live cameras, or retrospectively to recorded video data, to equal effect. Video metadata, not full video files are interrogated, making the searching and retrieving of data extremely fast, whilst still providing Full HD video evidence when required.

“Aimetis Symphony™ is exactly the type of intelligent video surveillance solution we were looking for. It fulfills our requirements for reliability and accuracy, even in rain, wind and snow. It has become the back-bone of our surveillance solution,” stated the IT Security Project Manager at Volkswagen.

The new system is both future-proof and weather-proof. It operates as a deterrent, detection and evidential tool. Volkswagen now has a highly sophisticated and effective site security management system, which may networked with other Volkswagen sites.

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