Aimetis streamlines software updating and adds cloud backup to E-Series PSA.

18 March 2014

Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent network video management software, has just announced Aimetis Symphony™ software release 6.12.3 is now available for the E3200 and E7000 series Physical Security Appliance (PSA) NVRs. The update pack includes many new features, such as streamlined software updating and cloud backup enhancements.

New features of the Aimetis Symphony™ update include improvements in 360° “fish eye” camera de-warping, cloud backup of server configurations and the ability to manage client updates from the server. Up to three video analytics licenses are available per PSA, so they also benefit from increased accuracy of people counting and auto-PTZ tracking.

The Mobile Bridge 2.1.3, which allows mobile device and smartphone access into Aimetis VMS and analytics systems, includes improvements to the search capability of cameras using iOS and Android devices and the ability to disable Symphony™ Rules.

Web Administration 1.7 features and improvements include comprehensive support for Internet Explorer 11 and simplified software updating for the Physical Security Appliance itself.

Aimetis Symphony™ 6.12.3 is available worldwide for download at Customers with Aimetis Symphony 6.11 or older may require a valid maintenance agreement to upgrade their PSA. Customers without a valid maintenance agreement can contact Aimetis Sales for further information.

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