Optimum writes press releases for Nasdaq and the stock exchange.

08 January 2019

We are pleased to be helping Sivers IMA communicate with Nasdaq First North to increase share value.

Optimum has been assisting Sivers IMA Holdings AB, owner of our client CST Global, with press releases designed to positively influence share value on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange in Stockholm. Trading in Sivers IMA shares commenced on 30th November 2017. Nasdaq is a trading facility which offers an excellent profile and great exposure in the global financial markets. It encourages international investment and makes it easier for institutions and international investors to become shareholders in the company. Our press release cover the following subjects, all of which affect share price and have a legal obligation to be communicated:

Financial information about the company.

Specific orders and their value.

Development projects that demonstrate a sustained increase in service capability.

Company aquisitions.

Significant appointments.