Optimum produces a forum website for Technology at CST.

10 December 2018

Facilitating discussions on commercialising photonics and III V compound semiconductors.

The T@CST forum was launched in November 2018 (also by Optimum) to establish the key enablers for the successful commercialization of photonics and III V compound semiconductor technologies. The T@CST forum website supports this purpose and provides a coordinated place for knowledge, opinion, legislation, funding and influence for use by government and industry.

Attendees of the T@CST forum identified the key enablers necessary to take quantum technology, the first technology to be reviewed, into mainstream applications. Talent, market readiness, technology maturity, economics, industrial environment and political support were all covered. Attendees of the forum had academic, engineering, industrial, political, funding and press expertise, meaning the enablers established were, in effect, peer reviewed on the day.

The website allows open forum discussions between forum events and utilises specialist website techniques to facilitate discussions.