Optimum delivers website and marketing strategy for OpenLight.

17 October 2023

The Silicon Valley-based leader in silicon photonics design and manufacture.

Optimum is working with OpenLight, the world-leader in custom, PASIC chip design and manufacture, based in Silicon Valley. The company’s unique, integrated, silicon photonics technology enables next-generation, chip design and manufacture, with the passive and active elements of the chip built in. The company offers three prime services for its customers:

  • Design enablement, where customers design their own PASIC chips using OpenLight’s Process Design Kit (PDK).
  • Inhouse design, as a service to customers.
  • Production, namely manufacturing its customers PASICs.

OpenLight website...

Optimum helped OpenLight develop a clear marketing strategy, which is communicated on its website. This includes establishing and communicating the three key services outlined. Optimum also helped develop the term PASIC, which is now branded and registered as a trademark. PASIC means Photonic Application-Specific Integrated Circuits. So, where electronic design engineers have been producing ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) for many years, which are central to the operation of most electronic products, PASICs are the photonics equivalent. The purpose being to capture this generic term and link it to OpenLight.

Optimum produced OpenLights’ comprehensive new website in just six weeks and will continue to maintain content; produce case studies; develop market segmentation with PASIC developments matched to market and technology applications; and maintain the products and evaluation kit sections.

Image: Adam Carter, CEO, OpenLight