Optimum chosen by Vector Photonics for communications, marketing and branding.

15 September 2021

A Glasgow university spin out with £4 million seed funding.

Optimum will provide a complete range of communications services for Vector Photonics, a a spin-out company from the University of Glasgow. Vector Photonics is developing a new class of laser, known as a PCSEL, which improves laser performance in high-tech, high-growth markets such as datacentres, co-located optics (CPO), telecoms and quantum.

Optimums services include:

  • Communications including PR, news and content, implemented across all digital platforms
  • Digital services including a new website, social media setup and brand management
  • Development and implementation of a marketing plan
  • Branding, graphics including logo, website design, presentation materials and all marketing collateral

Nick Bowden, MD at Optimum, said. "Optimum is very pleased to be helping and advising such an exciting new start-up business. Vector Photonics produces PCSEL-based, III-V semiconductor lasers – the most significant innovation in laser design and manufacture for 30 years. It has received a £1.6m equity investment, alongside government funding from Innovate UK, taking its total seed funding to over £4m, which we helped them secure.

"PCSELs (Photonic Crystal Surface-Emitting Lasers) are low cost, robust, have a broad wavelength range and high power – a unique combination of key characteristics which gives them a huge advantage over all other semiconductor laser technologies used today. PCSELs are made in a similar way to EELs (Edge Emitting Lasers), allowing established supply chains to be utilised in their manufacture. They also emit light from their top surface, making them easy to package and incorporate into PCBs and electronic assemblies for the many domestic and industrial applications they benefit."