Launching the T@CST forum for commercialising photonics.

07 January 2019

Coordinating knowledge, opinion, legislation, funding and influence for government and industry.

Optimum worked with CST Global to launch the T@CST forum, held at the House for an Art Lover, Glasgow ( on 15th November. The initial forum was focused on quantum technologies and atomic clocks. Future forums will review VCSEL and array technology for sensing and High-Power IR technology.

Attendees of T@CST identified the key enablers necessary to take quantum technology into mainstream applications in the areas of talent, market readiness, technology maturity, economics, industrial environment and political support (based on MBA business strategy categories). Since attendees had academic, engineering, industrial, political, funding and press expertise, these enablers were, in effect, peer reviewed on the day.

We had an illustrious list of keynote speakers.

Professor Sir Peter Knight, Senior Research Investigator in the Physics Department at Imperial College and Senior Fellow in Residence at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre at Chicheley Hall, covered the prime use of quantum technology

Professor Trevor Cross, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Quantum Technologies at Teledyne e2v, gave an insightful keynote on successfully commercialising quantum technology.

Carol Monaghan, MP for Glasgow North West, Member of the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Photonics covered issues facing talent and recruitment in the sector.

Stephen Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Technology Scotland, a membership body for companies operating in the Enabling Technology Sector, gave a market summary.

Finally, Dr. Thomas Slight, Senior Device Development Engineer at CST Global gave a summary of the five, government-funded, quantum technology research projects CST Global is currently working on.

Finding and conclusions…

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Forum discussions