Optimum writes expert articles for Aimetis.

11 July 2014

VMS systems are used in CCTV applications world wide and these articles explain their benefits.

Optimum is writing a series of expert articles for Aimetis Corporation, Canada. The articles cover all aspects of intelligent video management and are based on interviews with Justin Schorn, VP of Product Management and co-founder of Aimetis.

Aimetis is a global leader in video management software (VMS) and analytics. It produces Aimetis Symphony™ which is being used throughout the world. The series of articles explore the technologies utilised; the case for using VMS as a business management tool; security; typical applications; and the economics of VMS including up-grading from analogue to IP.

Aimetis Symphony can be purchased in the UK through the Security Buying Group, which also provides the essential training and support required to install and offer Aimetis Symphony™.

The article titles are listed below. Click on each link to read the full article.

Why metadata is better data for video analytics.

Improving the customer experience using intelligent video surveillance helps retailers improve sales and reduce shrinkage.

Aimetis Symphony™ VMS helps to secure and manage Munich airport - voted Europe’s best.

Understanding hidden VMS solution support costs and deployment issues.