It's all about the bike!

13 November 2018

Optimum sets the wheels rolling on a new marketing supply agreement with Redvision CCTV - UK manufacturer of rugged domes.

Optimum boss Nick Bowden completed his recent marketing meeting with Redvision MD, Paul Hucker and general manager, Mark (adrenalin junky) Ryder, on a mountain bike.

“Mountain biking has to be the perfect way of finishing a business meeting and is a bit more energetic than golf,” commented Nick, a keen cyclist and non-golfer, so in no way biased! “The ride was around Caesar’s Camp near Farnham, which is a well-known mountain biking destination for sporting youth! We were all feeling good despite a combined age of over 100! It was pretty technical in sections, especially the descents and there were a few short, sharp hills, which challenged the legs. Paul and I were riding hard-tails and Mark, who led the ride, was on a full suspension dream machine, which clearly had some form of additional engine!”

Optimum has been doing business with Redvision for three years and has seen the company grow and develop. Redvision is a forward-looking British CCTV manufacturing company with a superb track record and reputation in the rugged dome market. Nick added, “We are pleased to be continuing with the marketing services contract into 2015. Optimum is also helping to promote Redcop, Redvision’s new rapid deployment CCTV tower system, that is available for rent.”

Despite the technical descents all the riders made it back in one piece. The health benefits of the ride were then all undone by a hearty pub dinner and a pint. It would seem that Optimum and Redvision are building a strong relationship, both on and off the bike and setting new standards of excellence in post–negotiation socialising.